10 Things that no one told me about Motherhood

10 Things that no one told me about Motherhood

It’s always an interesting experience trying something out for the first time; motherhood is interesting to say the least. Of course, everyone has their dose of advice and tips to share here and there, but when an expecting friends asks about the things that no one told you about motherhood, it gets you thinking! Here is where I am today:

  1. Motherhood is a challenge, but it’s a beautiful challenge in the making
  1. For first time moms invest in reading books such as ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ & ‘What to expect the first year’, but be flexible, children doesn’t really come with a manual
  1. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are a bad mother for wanting some time for yourself, sometimes you need an escape, if you can manage, even if it’s an hour a week, go for it, even if it’s just to go into deep sleep knowing someone is watching your child, you’ve earned it – stop being a super mom
  1. There will be times where you will feel like crying, go for it! Don’t make excuses such as “It must be the hormones”; just let go, you’ll end up feeling much better
  1. The first time you see you child smile, or hear them laugh, you will learn an emotion you never knew existed – I swear I felt a piece of heaven when I experienced both for the first time
  1. Ditch the smartphone – there is plenty of time to take photos, so just enjoy the moment
  1. You will doubt yourself, and that’s fine, as a mother, you will end up doing what is best for your child, the best way you know how
  1. You will feel judges by others – ignore them, as hard as it is, the best way to get along with being the mom you want to be for your child, is ignoring the judgment of people
  1. Yet, you will judge others. So remember to bite your tongue, and be kind, you don’t like to be judged, so treat others with the same courtesy
  1. You will experience unconditional love, embrace it, and it’s a rare gift!

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