10 Reasons you should get yourself a Tawleh 2.0

10 Reasons you should get yourself a Tawleh 2.0

You probably heard it here or there, saw a Facebook ad, a retweet on Facebook, or already follow their Facebook page! Tawleh 2.0 is the latest addition to the Jordanian market, that promotes healthy computing, amazing comfort and, amazing price! Here is my “David Letterman list” of the top ten reasons to get a Tawleh 2.0. Drum roll please…

Digital Front Team enjoy using their Tawleh 2.0’s at the office every day!

10. Laptops are a true pain, since the screen and keyboard are not separated; the screen is not an adequate height for viewing! Using Tawleh 2.0’s adjustable surface helps ease off this potential problem for a healthier computing experience

9. A hot laptop can be uncomfortable to use in your lap. The heat from some laptops can be enough to third degree burns. Again Tawleh 2.0 provides you a healthier computing experience while using your notebook for hours at a time

8. No matter where you use it, Tawleh 2.0 comes with an adjustable height the shortest is at 50 CM and the longest is at 85 CM, meaning you can adjust the height to your preference … talk about amazing comfort

7. The slip resistant surface makes it ideal to tilt your laptop your way for a healthy computing experience, whilst enjoying the comfort of not worrying that your laptop might slip. I personally like to use a mouse with my laptop, and it glides perfectly fine

6. It comes in multiple colors that suit your working space/living room. Tawleh 2.0 Black, Red, Green, Dark Brown, Blue, Light Brown, and Pink! You don’t have to worry about it not matching your furniture, its stylish and fits just fine

5. Tawleh 2.0 is quite affordable, at JD 30 per piece, healthy computing and comfort comes at an affordable price.

Cherry Pink Blogger Salwa Qattan with her very own Pink Tawleh 2.0 – Check out her Blog at: loveinthecity-salwaqattan.blogspot.com/

4. Tawleh 2.0 is delivered within an hour between 12:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m – and it’s not just me, check out the reviews on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Tawleh2.0 people are impressed with their fast delivery

3. Tawleh 2.0 is up for grabs on Twitter! Yes, they are utilizing their social media properly and I love it! Follow them on Twitter by tweeting, I want a Tawleh 2.0 because ______ using the hashtag #TawlehJO for a chance to win one every Monday

2. Tawleh 2.0 is manufactured by Jordanian labour! The project provides more than 100 job opportunities and if manufactured in 5 different factories

Last but now least,

  1. Tawleh 2.0 is a perfect present for a loved one, a family member, and newlyweds, it comes in Black for Him, Pink for Her, and is one of those useful gifts people will never put away in the back closet.





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  1. … And the design is ripped off from Ikea.

  2. I like the concept of these so much, I featured it in our daily blog roundup:


    Great Job guys and gals

  3. Seriously? You delete responses you don’t like? Ikea rip-off.

    • I don’t delete off posts unless extremely offensive. I missed your first one in the morning. I personally approve all posts to avoid spam and profanity. Thank You.

  4. in fact its practical….

  5. Im in love with my tawleh! very practical and comfy <3

  6. From where can we order it? I need it badly 🙂

  7. IKEA or not, it’s not like Ikea have original designs anyways!!!!! These tables are adorable. I enjoy using my pink one for everything now 🙂 Although someone has it arrested over at his house 😉 but never mind I get to use it there as well!

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