3azeeezi.com – More than just a comic relief portal

3azeeezi.com - More than just a comic relief portal

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It is very common now a days for western television shows to become a number one hit on Arabian Satellite channels, mainly because the producers, who made those shows bring them to life in the Arab world, by knowing exactly what they’re doing. Take SUPERSTAR for example, Super Star for those of you who are not familiar with the show, is an Arabic television show based on the popular British show Pop Idol created by Simon. It was first broadcasted on LBC TV in 2003, You know when Diania Karazone of Jordan won the title of the first season (Of course I was dying for Melhem Zein to win, but my Jordanian Origins got me to vote for Karazone, but well guess who made in reality!) Never mind my rambling, Super Star was a hit show for the first season and continued on TV for another five seasons, and it was there for a reason.

Another popular adaptation is Star Academy, which took the lime light away from Super Star after the first season, for those of you who don’t know it is the Arabic adaptation of the French television show Star Academy, which is produced by Endemol. Star Academy Arab World is produced by Netherlands company Endemol, Vanilla Productions & PAC Ltd… The show is based on the Spanish format called Operación Triunfo.

Can you see a pattern of where am going with this?! Well a friend of mine found out that he 3azeeezi.com website is an adaptation of an American, Sarcastic website called Dear Blank, Please Blank…. For Example, “Dear 2010, I don’t think they are buying it, Sincerely Y2K”.

The Dear Blank Please Blank website was built by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson, and although the 3azeeezi website creator(s) still remain anonymous they have done a tremendous job of making the Dear Blank Please Blank Website into an Arabic portal built for fast comic relief for many. With 1,236 dedicated followers on Twitter and another 1,992 People following on Facebook, it is no surprise that the 3azeeezi epidemic has become contagious to many, some as commentators who share their own “3azeeezi’s” and many as readers sitting behind a screen either laughing or boo-ing many 3azeeezi attempts to be funny.

While many might be thinking where is the creativity of copying another website? I would like to point out that you can be creative in starting something from scratch, but then again, you can fail, or you can be really smart and even super-creative and inventive to build an entire product around a concept.

Allow me to elaborate, you don’t see a McArabia in McDonalds in the states or Europe do you?! But you are most likely to see one in a McDonalds in the middle eastern area, why?! Because McDonalds Arabia understands that need to cater to their audience through introducing a Sandwich that would be well-loved by our culture, hence the concept of McArabia which was introduced in March of 2003, to the Middle Eastern McDonalds Chains has become a permanent resident on the McArabia Menu.

The Same success can be used to describe the 3azeeezi website if you were to look at the website as a product, and the reader as the consumer, just like a Dear Blank, Please Blank, the anatomy of a 3azeeezi is built as follows:

“A 3azeezi always starts with the word “3azeezi…” (usually followed by three dots) and  is always phrased as a question, ending with “Mathalan?”



I truly believe that the 3azeeezi team, regardless of who they are, has done a phenomenon job of bringing something from the west and making it truly amazing in the Middle East, you must admit our jokes are funnier, because reading jokes of an English website, many who have Arabic as their first language can get lost in translation and find it extremely lame.

Basically it all comes down to the identification and selection of the new product, i.e.  3azeeezi being funnier than “dear blank please blank”, because our Arabic Culture can relate to it and understand it. In such a way, I assume that the founders of the website focused on the research of the product that could fully match this demand.  Obviously, the choice of creating the 3azeeezi website was quite reasonable since it was actually the adaptation of the product “Dear Blank…Please Blank” which was modified to local conditions and traditions.

You’re still reading my rambling, yala go to www.3azeeezi.com


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and elaborating on your notions. 🙂 As well, as the official 3azeezi.com representative I would like to point out to you that we had never heard of DEAR (blank) please (blank). 🙂

    However, it is good to know that you have done some research and found some roots of this kind of humor in other cultures.

    Our team has not had the time to do the research since we launched the site. We have been busy keeping it alive, modifying it, and adding new things to it. We are currently working on a new section to add – just like the “Lost in Translation” section. So we’ve been too busy to research! We’re lucky we have people like you!


    Abul 3iz,

  2. This is an awesome post 😀


  3. Cool. You don’t have to create something from scratch to be creative. “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” – Albert Einstein 😉

  4. Nice post. Keep up the good work Sleepless in Amman. Go 3azeezi! 😀

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