5 Facebook Status Updates that make me roll my eyes

5 Facebook Status Updates that make me roll my eyes

You know those Facebook Status Updates where someone just bombards you with stuff you don’t want to hear? There are people who occasionally share their joy…announcing an engagement, wedding, a special occasion and even special moments with a loved one and/or friends – then there are those people who just KILL you with the drama or what I like to call Attention Seeking Facebook Status Updates, here is a list of what I find completely annoying…

‘Like this status if you think I’m hot.’ Whether you’re hot or not, grabbing attention to your latest profile picture pose is not cute, as a matter of fact even if you were hot it kind of makes you look like you have low self esteem – after all you’re fishing for compliments aren’t you?


‘I’m deleting people off my Facebook so if you see this – you know you haven’t been deleted yet!’ – I don’t understand this – this and the whole I am unfollowing people on Twitter Drama – you want to unfriend/unfollow people sure, do it and don’t tell anyone. If anything, maybe a private message to why you have unfollowed someone on Twitter – seeing as the Twitterverse community seems a little but less secure when it comes to this!


‘I think I’m going to be alone forever, f*** this, not like I care… I’m a good person why is this happening to me?’ – Well let’s see if you’re going to complain on Facebook all the time about being alone, never or rarely in relationship you’re probably keeping all the gents away with posting statuses like that! Not cool


‘Oh my God I can’t believe that happened!’ – Then because you’re curious and maybe want to share joy/shown sympathy to what your friend has posted on their status you ask what happened and you get the same old “I can’t tell you!” Well my dearest if you can’t tell or elaborate what happened maybe your Facebook Status update shouldn’t be the exclamation of the event that you don’t want to share!


‘I look ugly in this picture!’ – Let’s see there we go with fishing for compliments again, if you DO infact look ugly why did you upload it anyway. It like when you post pictures of yourself in Sweat Pants and a Tee-Shirt or maybe Gym clothes and exclaim that you’re too lazy to get off the couch today yet you have managed to apply make up and do your hair! Get a life, please!


So what’s the most annoying Facebook Status Update that made you roll your eyes?




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  1. Well, I don’t mean to be rude, but you really can unsubscribe from their status updates, that’s what I do… let people live as they want, as long as they don’t mess with your life…

  2. Well lets see ..

    1. Complaing about the wife/gf/bf/partner … dissing your partner online isn’t a smart idea. She/he probably is still on your (Friends) list.

    2. People who like the status of comment (1); surely, once the storm or hiccup is over you’re guaranteed an eternal access to the dog house!

    3. I’m not liking the press (CTRL+L) on this pic/status and see what happens .. ta taaaaaaaa. Begging people to like your pic/status is just pathetic. Have some decency.plz.

  3. A set of likes to see something on a page …

    What is that hell ????.

  4. The ones about … You’ll go to hell if you don’t spread this!
    The Cartounist who drew Mohammad was burned and you should spread this or … You’ll go to hell
    How many likes can Messy get?
    If Messy got 5000 likes in 1 minute, what will the picture of Kaaba/Aqsa/Syrian child/whatever get?
    Facebook is donating $1 for every like!

    And so on … and so forth …

  5. “Someone Liking his own Status Update” .. PLEASE !!

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