A Day out volunteering w/ the Equal Opportunity Initiative

A Day out volunteering w/ the Equal Opportunity Initiative

3,689 is the number of underprivileged children whom have benefited from the Equal Opportunity Initiative! 52 Events and counting is the number of events that have been organized by the Equal Opportunity Initiative to make a difference this year! 467 is the number of youth volunteers involved in making every Equal Opportunity Event a success. I don’t know about you, but I love those numbers, and here is the story behind them.

Saturdays and Fridays are usually my sleep in till noon days, but seeing as this is a busy weekend, I opted for going to be early because waking up early seemed worth it and especially this Saturday when I got the chance to volunteer with the Equal Opportunity Initiative.

The beneficiaries of the Equal Opportunity Initiative on Saturday were about 60 or 70 children between the ages of 7 to 15 who are under the care of the Ministry of Social Development at Prime Cinemas. The Management of Prime Cinemas we’re generous and supportive of the Equal Opportunity Initiative by offering the venue for games as well as a movie, pop corn and drink.

The Equal Opportunity Initiative is a small team trying to make a difference in this big world, I got the chance to meet Sean and Emmy Kelly who have explained to me why they do it and how they believe in making a difference, and to say that I was impressed with the kind hearts and willingness to go the extra mile is an understatement.

The initiative was kicked off earlier this year and has benefited so many people along the way and I hope to see them continue to grow and make a difference (Remember the numbers I shared at the beginning of this blogpost? Go figure!)

It’s worth mentioning that in April they have opened a computer lab to benefit the children of Bethlehem in Palestine and in September they opened a Library for residents of the sole female protection center in Jordan. The Holy Month of Ramadan was not left unattended by those amazing volunteers, their team were able to raise funding and in-kind sponsorship to directly benefit 1,500 underprivileged children from all over Jordan through 10 charity events.

I Invite all of you to make a difference, which you can start by checking out their website  www.equalopp.org and liking their Facebook page to stay tuned to their latest news, events and volunteering opportunities: www.facebook.com/equalopportunity



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  1. I love these guys and what they do! I had the pleasure of meeting them earlier myself… They are going to do great things.

    Unfortunately I missed out on their most recent event 🙁

    Will be there next time that’s for sure… I am glad they are getting the attention they deserve. Good one Lara:)

    • Hi Firas,

      There are awesome and I look forward to volunteering with them in future events.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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