Ahlyieh school take the initiative in project jofeh

Ahlyieh school take the initiative in project jofeh

A while ago my co-worker Nadeen Rizik and I have decided to kick off project jofeh, by raising awareness on the “Bait Saleem” center in Al-Jofeh area and solicit funds through the local community via clothes, toys and food.

Many people where generous enough to donate some of their time to spread awareness on this topic, and we’re proud to announce that the first high school to take the lead into making this initiative happen is the Ahlyieh School for Girls in Jabal Amman.

Led by the warm hearted Miss Eman Gregory, a team of girls did a fundraiser in the classes, where each class was assigned to get a certain item of food, a class could be assigned rice, milk, tuna, oil, dates, etc… this was done this way in order to raise the maximum amount of food among the high school. Girls also brought in clothes.

On Saturday the 13th of November grade 9 and 10 visited project jofeh, whereas grades 11 and 12 visited the area on Sunday the 14th of November, they went to visit Bait Saleem, enjoyed a delightful breakfast that was prepared by the center that has welcomed them with so much love and care, and were later on invited to take place by working inside the center, the work has included some vocational training where the Ahlyiah School Students interacted with the students of Bait Saleem’s center in Sewing, Embroidery, Weaving, Paper recycling and Woodwork.

“I was surprised by the place.” Said Miss Gregory; “It was amazing to have a center to beautifully maintained; with many workshops and skills offered for the villagers to acquire are incredible. Mainly because the villagers are against such a center to educate their girls because it’s a very tight and closed culture there, yet the center managed to break the barrier and was able to reach out to the villagers and empower other girls in the area.

The students were impressed by the amount of work done at the center, and loved meeting the villagers, and where overwhelmed with the amount of positive communication skills that the girls of the village had when they have visited.

The students are planning to go down to Jofeh for a full day sometime soon, I am very proud of them and am sure Nadeen is too as she is an Alumni of that school! I hope this could inspire all of you out there to take an initiative and make a difference.


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  1. I am so speechless at the heart warming and immediate action taken by my beloved Ahliyyah! I knew that reaching out to Ms. Eman about this project would NEVER be a disappointment.
    Thank you – Thank you so much dear Ahliyyah girls for being as splendid as you’ve always been!!
    I hope this encourages others to initiate and offer any kind of support for The Jofeh Center as soon as possible.

    – Nadeen

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