Interesting Speakers of the ASMF

Interesting Speakers of the ASMF

With the 1st Arab Social Media Forum a few weeks away, I couldn’t help but log on to their website and see what the buzz is all about. Sleepless in Amman has been invited to participate in this forum as an ambassador, so just like the MENAICT and the CoE you could look forward to live blog posts from the ASMF on the 11th of December.

While browsing the agenda earlier this morning, I have noticed some really interesting topics that I look forward to listening to, as a matter of facts all sessions and workshops look rather interesting, and am quite positive that it shall something that many should be looking forward to, but three sessions and a workshop have attracted my eye the most, possibly because they would have a future impact on improving the performance of my current job (or so I hope) J Here is what am looking forward to hearing, and why.

Social Media in a Changing Media Landscape by Mark Comerford

Mark Comerford best known for putting up the first European daily online back in 1994, started one of the world’s first university level digital journalism courses in 1996. He teaches at Linköping University in Sweden and has experience in consulting in media and journalism at the University of Central Lancashire, lecturing at Stockholm University Dep. of Journalism, Media & Communication and managing Grävande Journalister/ Swedish Society of Investigative Journalists.

Growing up I wanted to be a journalist, but figured it wouldn’t be much of a career in the region, I’m possibly wrong at this time in my life, but I still have a passion for writing and journalism, although I have earned by in Business Administration and currently continuing my graduate studies to earn an MBA, I can’t help but feel that a writer is born and not taught, so even if my journalism aspirations as a teenage girl where abolished, I still feel that I could benefit highly listening to a man with much experience speaking on Social Media in a Changing Media Landscape.

Social Media through Advertising Agencies by Duri Al Ajrami

If you know me personally, don’t assume that I want to listen to Duri Al Ajrami speak at the ASMF because has earned his masters’s degree in MIS, a concentration that I have undertaken during my undergraduate studies. Mr. Ajrami is a very active and leading speaker at many media events and workshops in the MEN region including, GITEX, WEBEX and the Web Quality Workshop.

The early years of his career included working in the digital media market, where has has helped in setting up the first online ad sales unit at before he became the sales and marketing director for the company in 2002. Furthermore he has “established Net Advantage in 2003, the first Arab Internet Media House, currently exclusive media reseller of,,” as his profile mentions in the ASMF website. Duri is now a Senior Partner at OgilvyOne in Canada, notching up his career path and making him a very credible speaker when speaking on Social Media through Advertising Agencies.

ME Digital Trends and Social Mobile by Alexander McNabb

If you don’t know or haven’t heard of Alexander McNabb you’re missing out on a big portion of your life! Ive been following McNabb on twitter for quite a few months now and am in love with is very active tweeps! (You can follow him @alexandermcnabb). McNabb is an active blogger, blogging at Fake Plastic Souks who is the group account director at Spot On Public Relations in Dubai! With over 24 years of experience in the Middle East in technology, media and communications, and has worked with celebrities that include the Black Eyed Peas, Piers Morgan, Max Clifford and Richard Branson.

The first time I’ve heard Alexander McNabb speak was earlier this October at the MENAICT during the “Chattering Classes” Session “Turning Social Media into Money” when he said that he predicts the “four deaths”: Death of Phone Companies, Print (Newspapers and Print) Death of Advertising and the Death of companies who don’t care about their consumer opinions, corporations need to have respect for their customers, and they need to listen to them.

I was very impressed with what he had to say at the time and am looking forward to hearing him speak on the ME Digital Trends and Social Mobile this coming December.

Workshop: Promoting Events using Social Media by Ruba Abu Judeh

Ruba is the founder of Bkingdom, a company specialized in Digital Media Services, Social Media Strategy and Implementation, Online presence consultation and e-commerce & eBiz development.

With over four years of experience in marketing and business development for who wouldn’t want to learn a thing or two from an entrepreneur who has launched her own business to make social media the best experience you can for your business. I know ruba, she’s a dear friend and I can never get enough listening to her speak about her work that she is so passionate about and her experiences. This is going to be one helluva workshop to attend and learn from 🙂


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