Beauty: Its not the reflection in the mirror

Beauty: Its not the reflection in the mirror

Tall, gorgeous, beautiful flawless facial complexion, pouty lips, perfect nose, big bust, narrow hips, and endless legs …. A picture perfect image of what the 21st century woman should look like. In the case of men, tall, broad shoulders, well toned biceps, triceps and abs, an image that men believe women would lust for. Do you believe that losing weight will make you a better person and make people respect you and stop criticizing you?! Or maybe if you can just have that nose job that would stop people from calling you names, or some liposuction to get rid of the excess body fat. If you have crash dieted, considered plastic surgery, have gone on diet pills, or you’re starving yourself and exhausting yourself at the gym, then you might have a problem.

I personally blame the Media. The body images portrayed by the Media of both genders are always computer generated. Makeup and lighting used in photo shoots for commercials, movies, TV, Interviews and advertisements only have a minimal effect on the final product of the figures that we lust over. Wrinkles are smoothed, blemishes erased, a body figure is reduced, a transparent shine is added that readers are manipulated to believe that they look ugly or below average next to the computer generated people portrayed by the media.

In my opinion it’s all about self-esteem and how much you believe in your self. Take a minute to think about the following questions. Is your self-esteem based on what others think of you?! Do you do things to satisfy people even if it puts you down or goes against your beliefs? Do you put your self down for not accomplishing what others have or because of criticism that you have received? If you answered yes to any of those questions… then I think you need a dose of self confidence.

Self esteem is how we feel about ourselves as a whole person. People with a low self esteem usually lack confidence and feel quite low about themselves. If a person feels low about themselves inside, then there is usually a good chance that they feel low about themselves on the outside as well, which can cause people to have a negative body image. People with a high self esteem usually feel happy with themselves inside and feel confident and comfortable with themselves as a whole person.

Trust me; I am talking out of experience. I am a 23 year old female who is often harassed to go to the gym, lose weight, go on a diet, stop eating – just so I could look better. I am a size 12 female. Not skinny thin but not fat either, but our social norms seem to adapt a Hollywood life style of starving your self and fitting into petite clothes. I’m not going to lie and say that such criticism doesn’t hurt, because it does, but I always ask my self the same question, “If I lose weight to a size 6 – will that make me a different person?” The answer is NO! I am confident with my figure and what I do. I consider my self successful for the small projects that I have accomplished in my life and so, I look forward to accomplishing my future dreams rather than mourning over my figure or aspiring to look like a supermodel.

What I’m trying to say is that plastic surgery or being thin is not what is going to make your mark in this world. Being a good parent, or friend, for example, is how you leave a legacy and impact the world. Dieting, crash dieting, or starving your self will only cause you to feel miserable, tired, and sluggish, or you’ll get sick. In extreme cases (which are not uncommon) you could develop and eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Although reconstructive plastic surgery can help ease suffering in cases of deformation due to accidents or birth defects, cosmetic plastic surgery should always be out of the question! If you aren’t happy with what features you have been given, learn to accept — even love —them. They are what make you, YOU! Self-esteem isn’t administered in pills or surgically implanted on the operating table, it comes from within!

Be your self and believe in you! Don’t waste your time yearning for a flawless complexion or perfect body. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can create and boost your self esteem and confidence! No one can give it to you – not a surgeon or dietitian – it is a priceless gift you can only give to yourself!


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. I really like this post, I personally have an issue with weight, and my self esteem is always crushed by many – sometimes close – people. I would certainly love to believe in my self and get a boost of self esteem, it’s not that easy though.

    • Eva all you’ve got to do is believe. I’ve heard hurtful comments from people who mean the world to me. Yes I want a flat stomach to show off at the beach and that doesnt make me look pregnant, but am comfortable in my own skin, curvy is a shape too! 🙂

  2. Very well said babe! 🙂 Love this!

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