NYIT Jordan recognized at the KHCF Siwar Volunteers Dinner

The Intercontinental Amman was packed tonight with volunteers from all over the country to celebrate their spirit of volunteerism and giving back to the King Hussein Cancer Foundation! Given the freezing, icy, windy, dusty weather, it was no shock to know that KHCF Volunteers are always up to a challenge, and the ball room was packed with so many beautiful people who have touches the lives of some patients/survivors and where others have contributed into the success of others by spreading awareness about cancer.

The smooth amazing event which was organized by the beautiful and talented Mayse Nababteh was kicked off with a few words of Her Royal Highness Princess Dina Mired, thanking everyone for making it to the ceremony with the horrible weather outside, and stating why and how each one of us has made a difference.

The ceremony was followed by a few touching stories from volunteers, some who are cancer survivors and others who are just volunteers who have made a difference. The beautiful 16 year old Anood, brought tears to my eyes, when she recited how young she was when she was first diagnosed with cancer, and how hard it was for her to adapt. Yet her 8 months of treatment, felt like a blink of an eye and she believed in her self and in her friends and family that she could kick it and make a difference, despite the weight gain, the hair loss and the dreadful idea of having Cancer. I turned to the side and glanced at her beautiful mom, a woman that has inspired me although highschool with her beautiful strong personality, Miss Verna, and all I saw was a head held up high, eyes full of pride of her baby girl speaking out there to a room full of volunteers of how she beat cancer, and how she has now begun a journey to become a volunteer her self, by donating her wigs, making events such as bake sales to raise funds and trying to make a difference one day at a time. Even with the tears, I knew nothing can beat the tears of joy of a proud mother, to see her daughter so strong and well-composed must be a very rewarding experience. (Allah yekhaleekom la ba3ad).

Comedy Sketch by Nabil Sawalha and Lara Sawalha

So many experiences and emotional moments where followed by some light humor and comedy by Nabil and Lara Sawalha, which believe it or not, cracked everyone into a beautiful mood with their “I wanna be an independent daughter – I want an MBA”: MBA Of course standing for “Ma Bidi Atjawaz” (translation: I don’t want to get married.” Sawalha later went on to speak about Laugher Yoga, a concept that was invented by Indian Guru  Jiten Kohi and is something that he lives by every day! Laughter is the new medicine, and with proper breathing to keep our cells alive and lots of laughter, all of us can be kicking cancerous cells out of our body every day! Why frown when you can smile everything away? Nothing is worse than cancer, and if all of those amazing people have survived it, then we’ve got something to learn don’t you think?!

If anything who can forget to remarkable speech of KHCF’s very own Mayse Nababteh?! If anyone gets it … it’s Mayse, she knows what it’s like to be a volunteer, and she understands that making a difference can be done one step at a time, through a variety of projects, some small, some within the community, as long as one BELIEVES which is one of the most important aspects of being a volunteer. Believing in what your volunteering for, and having faith in what you’re doing and making a difference. That’s how you make a change, one day at a time, one donation at a time, and one volunteer at a time, making Jordan a better place, by fighting cancer one patient at a time!

Of course my beautiful university got recognized for the work that they have done during the year!!! Go NYIT!!! It was just special spending a night with the students letting them know that others are thankful for their efforts, and knowing that the only thought on their mind tonight was, “How can we make this better?” and “How can we get more people involved into fighting cancer across the nation?”

Despite the horrible weather, and the fact that I wish it could just snow, it was a beautiful evening, filled with so much love, joy and good people! I just need to surround my self with such events more often, because a good vibe and positive energy always seem to push me the extra mile.

Good Night Amman!


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  2. Great Job Lara, Congratulations.

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