The Blessings of my 24th Birthday

The Blessings of my 24th Birthday

I wasn’t sure whether I was planning on publishing this blog post or not, given that it has so many personal thoughts, and I tend to keep my personal life as far away from Sleepless in Amman as possible, but I couldn’t help but write it in celebration of my 24th birthday!

Every year, I spend days planning on what to do for my birthday, yet this year seemed to be different, I decided that doing nothing meant everything, not planning anything means not getting any disappointments, and it also meant, spending this special day with the ones who mean the most to me, mom and dad. So for a difference I went to work (which was odd given that I spent the last five years of my career life taking the day off on my birthday) and decided to make the best out of this day by being spontaneous.

So let me start the 24 hours of my birthday my going back to midnight 00:00 of December 15th 2010 – one of my very good and old friends Hassan Hamoudi calls me up asking if am ready for my birthday gift (which I was seeing as I was nagging to see what he’s up to since 8:00 p.m the night before) and he tells me to check my facebook. Initially, I was planning on beating him up if my present was a simple “Happy Birthday” message on my wall, only to be shocked that there was a post on my wall, with a link to a video called “The Sleepless One.”

Words cannot describe the shock and my state of mind as the video loaded and I realized that one of my best friends has written me a song for my birthday. It was so beautiful, honest, and put my entire year in a nutshell in a very dreamy, beautiful presentation that put a huge smile to my face.  Talk about a birthday present that’s thoughtful, unique and truly one of a kind!

Of course the next morning was spent bragging about “The Sleepless One” I was officially in love with the song, that I downloaded it off youtube and saved a copy on my hard-drive for memories sake.  Furthermore, I got an unexpected gift from my pretty co-worker Nadeen Rizik. The cutest red optical mouse anyone could ever get their eye on, with my name engraved on it! Talk about people being super thoughtful this year 🙂

By the time 6:00 striked my watch I took off to see my mother at work. Ofcourse there was my girl Betty with a birthday cake, and we had a little celebration at my mothers salon celebrating my 24th birthday. Most of the employees who work at my mothers shop have worked there for at least 12-18 years, so technically Ive grown up with all of them around, and it just felt so odd celebrating with them, because the last birthday they were all around i was at least 9 or 10 years of age, so this was different – full of goofiness and just plain awesome – and the cake – sensational! I dont even like cake, but Nutella and Rice Krispies is definatly an awesome combination !

… and since I decided to spend the day with those who matter the most, Mom, Dad and I headed off to my favorite photographer photoholics for a few family pictures. It was so light-hearted and fun taking pictures that would mark such a short yet amazing day for a long time to come.

If anything, there where a few missing individuals that I wish I had around, my best friend Reem and my girls Zein and Lolo …. but am looking forward to seeing them this weekend. I thank God for them every day, and wondered how ive lived part of my life without them around.

What a simple day … I had so much that I wanted to write about this past year, but luckily my friend Hassan put all the thoughts that were supposed to hit this blog into lyrics and a song, so he saved you guys a very long read of what I have accomplished.

I just hope that next year, I’d be blessed with half the blessings that Ive had this year.

Good Night everybody!


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweetie. What a beautiful day surrounded by those who matter. Wishing you all good things and many, many more 🙂

  2. WAW that’s so sweet of them all!!

  3. happy b-day lara 🙂

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