Breitling Jet Team: Ballet in the Jordanian Skies

Breitling Jet Team: Ballet in the Jordanian Skies

This must be one of the most complicated posts I’ve had to ever write, not because I don’t want to, but because watching a live aerobatics jet air show is something that most people cannot describe with words, and in my opinion, pictures cannot describe what an eye can enjoy in a live show. Nevertheless, I attended the Breitling Aerobatics Jet Team Show, and have a few words worth mentioning:

The show was hosted by M.S Jaffar & Sons Co, Breitling’s exclusive dealer in Jordan whom have hosted the only civilian Jet Team in the world to perform for very lucky people, including myself. The event which was under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Feisal Bin Al-Hussein was held at the Marka Airport where the Royal Jordanian Falcons performed as well.

The Breitling Jet Team showcased  a rapid fire succession of daring high speed and perfectly synchronized aeronautical maneuvers over Amman. The jet team flew in a team of 7 utilizing a powerful L-39C Albatros jets which flew together and in sync  to create balletic sequences in the sky. Each appearance of the Breitling Jet Team is a breathtaking vision as the aircrafts gracefully weave through the sky within 3 meters of each other and at speeds of up to 750kph, and with up to 8G accelerations.

There is not much to say as I am still mesmerized by the amazing show, and invite you to check out an album of pictures from the show on the Sleepless in Amman Facebook page.




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  1. Still jealous! And not enough was said!

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