Celebrating 10-10-10

Celebrating 10-10-10

Its 11:30 sharp Amman Local Time, His Majesty King Abdullah the II Ibn Al Hussein has just arrived to the MENA ICT Forum Venue at the Business Park.

Mr. Ayman Mazahreh Chairman of Intaj, addressed His Majesty King Abdullah the II Ibn Al Hussein and welcomed him on behalf of Intaj and the speakers to the MENAICT Forum. He mentioned in his speech his vision of the forum where “Joining Forces and regional forces can no longer be conducted in isolation.?”

The speech was followed by a MENA ICT video dedicated to high lightening the Jordan ICT and its growth to becoming the MENA ICT today, and continued with a speech from the Information and Communication Technology His Excellency Mr. Marwan Juma. He addressed His Majesty King Abdullah the II Ibn Al Hussein for joining and supporting the Forum today and made a remarkable thank to Intaj for making the MENAICT happen and promised his full support. “We have a long way for the past 10 years, not only in Jordan but also in the Region.” Said Juma, “As a result the quality of our graduates must be the very best and this is not an option! Every single multi-million dollar start up was once a start up!”

He highlighted the fact that Arabic content is not very popular due to the fact that many companies are outsourcing to have all of their content in English, and made it very clear that as a government we must support entrepreneurs, that we should address an educational system that builds a spirit of being an entrepreneur among students.

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cicso joined the MENAICT Forum via Video, he was not able to join the Forum this year, but he mentioned that we share a common mission to “change the education to brace down the borders and utilize education around the world for the next generation, by thinking where will we go next as a country?”  It is worth to mention that Chambers also co-sponsored the Jordan Education Initiative, which Cisco has worked on in partnership with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan and the World Economic Forum.

His Majesty King Abdullah the II Ibn Al Hussein, then addressed all attendees, welcoming them to the forum, and pointing out that those attendees are the reason this forum is a success under the leadership of the Ministry of ICT and Intaj, and extended a special welcome to many speakers who have joined us today at the Forum. “My Friends, today and tomorrow your forum will be sharing concerns from the ICT Eco Systems and Strategic Business Issues and more” Said His Majesty while addressing attendees at the MENA ICT Forum.


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