Celebration of Entrepreneurship: One of a Kind

Celebration of Entrepreneurship: One of a Kind

The Celebration of Entrepreneurship in Dubai was defiantly an event that I will never forget, when I first walked in, I knew it was going to be huge, but little did I know that “This is not a conference or a forum” was the understatement of the year, and I finally realized why their “No Ties” policy was there.

Casually dressed up in a shirt and a pair of jeans as many of the attendees where, I was shocked to see the multiple café stations around the venue, there was no lunch break in the program during both days, however, they had coffee, tea, pastries, and food stations located all over, so if you’re hungry, all you had to do is walk a few meters and grab whatever was appealing to your eye, and man was the food good, or perhaps I should say the cup cakes from Sweet Stuff, I think people over-dosed with their tasty fluffy cup cakes that had the best icing I’ve ever had!

An Illustration of Maher Kadoura’s Session! Source (ImageThink.Net)

So enough with the food, the graphics at CoE where amazing! Sessions where graphically recorded, the program mainly included workshops, mentoring sessions and inspirational talks, so Nora Herting and Heather Willems who are extremely talented have created graphics of each session putting a visual summary in a nutshell! Very creative and artistic if I may say!  You can check out the pics on (ImageThink.Net)

Some of the most inspirational speakers at the CoE included Maher Kadoura, who spoke about “Eating the Whale” and shared his experiences with Hekmat Road Safety, he mentioned that more than 2000 play grounds will be built by the end of this year for children in Jordan, where each one can cost as little as $300! Maher Kadoura was one of the few speakers at CoE that got a standing ovation from all listeners, it actually gave me goose bumps, guy is a guru if you ask me! He made it very clear that one should implement “Action with less talk; teaming; and more with less, is critical” – As many like to call him he is the “No Bullshit” speaker, and he is, he takes bullshit from no one, doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, on the contrary, he’s realistic and equally inspiring! On a more personal note, allow me to say, I believe in supporting Hekmat Road Safety, and if you believe in making a difference too, I recommend you visit the blog of my friend Ali Dahmas, from Under My Olive Tree, (http://blog.undermyolivetree.com/?p=1974) where you can learn more about supporting Maher Kadoura through donations and building playgrounds and improving roads for pedestrians.

Another inspiration in my personal opinion is Mo AlAdham, co-founder of twitvid, the young 25 year old, spoke about understanding of angel financing! He taught everyone 8 important lessons that they should consider:

Lesson 1: say no to the golden handcuffs ie high paying jobs.

Lesson 2: Leave the non-disclosure agreement at home; be open!

Lesson 3: Be Patient. Iterate. Learn how to throw your work out!

Lesson 4: You can’t always boot strap. Capital counts.

Lesson 5: You’re not always at the Right place at the Right time.

Lesson 6: Networking is the key.

Lesson 7: surround yourself with Experts.

Lesson 8: It’s going to be a Tough Ride.

Last but not least the Energy Breaks! Those where sensational! Whereas most conferences/forums/workshops traditionally focus on Tea/Coffee Breaks CoE had amazing energy breaks where bands have performed up-beat music to raise everyone’s energy level! I loved the idea, see music is like chocolate, it raises your endorphins (the hormone associated with happiness and energy levels), the music energy breaks actually give you a natural high and when you feel good everything seems a bit more doable.

I have so much more to write about the Celebration of Entrepreneurship but I’m also swamped with so much work to do before the Eid-Al-Adha holiday begins, so stay tuned for more, the CoE blogging is not over yet!


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