Cheating 101: The Art of “Cheating” in Exams

Cheating 101: The Art of "Cheating" in Exams

A Mathematics professor at my university was always famous for saying, “Students in this country enjoy one of the finest arts of mankind, the art of cheating.” I think it’s hilarious that he thought so, and furthermore, I think it’s outrageous that this professor has decided to master the art of catching cheaters.

Personally I’ve only cheated once in an exam, throughout my entire life, this includes primary school, secondary school, undergraduate studies and now during my graduate studies, I am not sure why I chose not to cheat, because technically if someone needs help, I am more than willing to “HELP OUT” but as long as am not the one doing the copying, it doesn’t count as cheating, to me it’s just like over eating chocolate when no one is watching, if you don’t get caught, the calories don’t count.

Anyhow long story short, I realized that CHEATING is a student’s excuse to “The End Justifies the Means!” Afterall, who doesn’t want to Ace a class? What I personally find hilarious is that someone has managed to submit content to WIKIHow, and has named their HOW To article “Cheat on a Test” []

Well as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

We live in a hightech digtal world, so why not!?

The fact that someone has thought of writing cheat codes on a disposable plastic cup cover is beyond me.

But thumbs up for creativity!

I think now I know why many people wore long-sleeved shirts rather than their normal choice of t-shirts on exam days! hhmmmm

The Best I’ve ever seen! This picture is so good, I think it actually summarizes the point of this blog entry

“The Art of Cheating!”

– Sleepless in Amman


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  1. Fakhrdean Fuad : July 19, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    If the teachers and professors mastered the art of teaching, there would be no art of cheating. Education in Jordan in many schools and universities is so bad that it still focus on the lowest level of education (Memorizing). I am not surprised that students master the art of teaching, because that is what education in Jordan encourages them to do. The disaster is not cheating in the test, but not only the student’s forget what they learned, they also don’t know what to do with the information even if it hits them in the face, and the reason for that is the are not educated to carry the information they memorize to higher order thinking. Another problem is that teachers and professors have no idea how to write a test, so you will find sometimes the test itself requires student to synthesize or argue points that they were taught to memorize. It is like teaching someone the names of few car parts then asking them to build one. So, before the respectful professor joke about the Art of Cheating, I wish he discuss the art of teaching. Stop blaming the students for what the teachers failed to do (Educating them).

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