Climb for Cancer: Make a difference!

Climb for Cancer: Make a difference!

Dreams, life would be worthless without them; we all dream about achieving something and work throughout our short-life time to make it happen. Some of us dream of early retirement, starting families, excelling at our career and the list goes on, but a cancer patient is different, they dream about cure, days without radiation and chemotherapy, the dream of survival.

The Jabal Amman Residents Association or JARA as we have called them for years at a time are organizing a charity concert on October 14th to raise funds for the ‘Climb for Cancer’ team. The team plans on climbing the Everest Base Camp to raise funds for underprivileged cancer patients at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, which will assist in covering the treatment costs of three pediatric patients.

Climb for Cancer will benefit the King Hussein Cancer Center because it is the most prominent cancer center in the Middle East that treats both pediatric and adult cancer patients who are suffering from the disease at all its stages. In 2010, the “Climb for Cancer” supported two pediatic patients, Laween and Ayham. Laween has leukemia and is now in the third stage of his 146 week treatment that includes Chemo and regular examinations, doctors assure that he is stable and will resume his treatment plan and will continue his fight for a full recovery.

Ayham however is no longer with us, he has lost his courageous battle with cancer a few months after the 2010 team returned from their Mt. Kilimanjaro Challenge. The beneficiary of the treatment funds is a four year old Palestinian girl Nuha who is currently in her 13th week of her third phase of Chemo treatment in hopes to cure her Leukemia.

This years Climb aims to solicet funds for treatment for Huda, a 10 year old Iraqi girl who suffers from neuroblastoma, a nerve and tissue cancer that originates in the adrenal glands. Ahmad a 4 year old boy from Palestine suffering from Leukemia. It will cost $70,000 and three years to treat him and Fadi, also a 4 year old boy suffering from Leukemia as well and has been suffering from it  since he was 2 years old.  His treatment will cost $42,000 for intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

I urge all of you to support the JARA concert on October 14th, this is our chance as Jordanians, healthy people and most of all humans to make a difference. Whether you’re a musician who can perform for free or a business owner who can donate money to help cover the expenses of running the event or perhaps you’d like to help by dropping as little as 5 Piaster’s in the donation box available on the day of the event from 10 AM onwards, be there.

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