Climbing World Cup 2011: Amman

Climbing World Cup 2011: Amman

Are you ready to climb?? Even if you’re not, the Jordanian Team will be climbing away this weekend representing Jordan in the Climbing World Cup 2011 here in Amman! The event is taking place this weekend, the 20th and 21st of October where spectators are invited to attend the event with no charge.

Jordan will be among many participating countries to be part of this international event, including athletes from Austria, Belgium, China, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Slovenia, Japan, South Korea and Lebanon.

The Two-Day World Cup Event in Jordan is one out of ten events around the world where one climber is awarded a title based on the best score accumulated throughout the year, and Climbat Amman will be hosting one out of the three World Cup Categories (Lead Climbing, Bouldering and Speed Climbing), spectators on Friday will be enjoying the “Lead Climbing Competition” Stage.

According to the Climbat Amman Website, the Event mechanics will go as follows: “The event will start at around 9am both days.  All climbers, men and women, will climb 2 qualification routes on Thursday.  The climber’s get points for each hold they reach on the route to the top.  If they get to the top, they get full marks.  The climbers with the best scores will then compete on Friday in the semi-final and then the final on Friday evening.  The routes get harder as the climbers progress, so progressively they fall, with only a few reaching the top.  The wall at Climbat is 18m high, and has been extended specifically for the world cup to increase the difficulty, so it now has an 8m overhang.”

I guess all of those years thinking wall climbing can’t be hard since we we’re all practically hanging from monkey bars as children is just wrong! So if your weekend plans are empty, this sounds like a unique one of a kind event to witness, we can always hit the Deadsea, sleep in or BBQ for a Friday, but it’s not every Friday that you get such an opportunity!! Fingers crossed for our national team 🙂

For more information about the Event, Check out Climbat Amman’s Facebook page: Very resourceful!



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