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  1. Hi. I’m curious – where were you able to find sour cream in this city?

  2. Hello,

    I need some Official information. Could you please send me a Test Email to my Gmail ID?

  3. I have daughter who is graduating from USA High school with her Diploma and plans to go back to Jordan to start college life , she has no plan to set for the SAT / from reading proviuos comments it looks like she will not be able to attend any universties and or she can not get her Diploma credited By Jordan Ministry of education , is that right also i have these questions, can she enroll into 2 year Community college in AMMAN and the second question : if she can go to Commuinty college , can she transfer to 4 year university in Jordan after she finish the 2 years

  4. can you send me the contact number i can call, do we have to pay for kids 3 years old

  5. Hi Lara,
    nice to meet you. I am a radioreporter currently in Amman. I found your blog and would like to interview you. Are you available tonight or the next days, for a tea or coffee? Looking forward to hearing from you. Here is my Jordan nr: 0799391850.
    Kind regards,

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