Happiness Convoy

Happiness Convoy

When I first got an email as invitation to join the Happiness Convoy on a Saturday I was excited to head out to Jerash and assist in putting a smile on the face of children and orphans there, however as Saturday arrived part of me just wanted to stretch in bed and laze around on this hot Ramadan day, I am not proud to admit it but those were my thoughts around noon. By 1:30 I was all dressed up and ready to head out to the Umniah parking lot telling me self to hush up and grow up, I had it easy in life, there were children out there who deserve a genuine smile on their face and headed out anyway.

As more people gathered up to head to Jerash I met up with two of my favorite bloggers, Rani Dababneh of Jordanoholic (www.jordanoholic.com) and Jansait Qoughondoqa of JanMania (http://jansait.wordpress.com) along side many interesting tweeps and volunteers. The road trip out to Jerash was full of a hype, most bloggers and tweeps were excited and didn’t know what to expect, we talked, catched on each others news, and mostly attempted to shape some of the balloons that the Volunteers were blowing up to entertain the kids, but then of-course we either ruined them or popped them, I guess the actual lesson was never to play with balloons that aren’t intended for you.
The arrival to Jerash was a unique experience, it kind of reminded me of that TV Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where the team shows up on a big bus and people are just waiting to see what they had instore for them. Well the Umniah Al-Khair Convoy of Happiness had a lot to offer including but not limited to Face painting, Balloon Shaping, lots of games to entertain the children like tug war and even a few performances by Tempo Dance School for the entertainment of the children, their supervisors and a few of the mothers from near by neighborhood whom have joined us with their children. Just before pulling taking off from Jerash back to Amman, the Convoy of Happiness unlocked it storage areas to surprise the children with gifts, unique gifts actually for different genders and different age groups to suit everyone’s taste.
It’s sad I am a full-time worker and can only get involved in such activity on the weekend, but I would like to see more companies put such effort into putting smiles on the faces of orphans and children in less privileged areas. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important factor in our lives, and if each person decided to volunteer and be part of such an event at least once a week, we would defiantly see more smiles in our country.
During this Holy Month, don’t just think of your self, it’s easy to get carried away and complain of thirst hunger and how your work efficiency would want to hit 0%, but extend your hands, warm smiles and hearts to care and love to Orphans and children. By putting a smile on ones face you will make a difference in their life one step at a time. Remain Blessed.



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  1. Maybe your company would offer 1 paid day per year to it’s employees where they could spend in a volunteer role.

  2. Great article Lara, and I could not agree more. Thanks for spreading the smiles on your outstanding blog 🙂

  3. Good one Lara, we like to see more corporations do that in the name of good will & giving back to the community, thanks for sharing this experience 🙂

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