Cucumber Fever

Cucumber Fever

While reading the paper today, something that only do out of boredom, as my idea of skimming through the local news involve twitter and a couple of websites, I learned that our government has decided not to export cucumbers during the first week of the holy month of Ramadan in hopes to make it available to the beloved Jordanian citizens. The article has also mentioned that the government is making huge efforts in decreasing the prices of fruits and vegetables for the Jordanian consumer during the holy month.

I believed that was a thoughtful initiative and finally some great news, especially to all of those middle class citizens like my self and even the largest segment of our population who live below the poverty level, people need to eat everyday, but sometimes many of those poor families enjoy one meal that consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus and bread, but during the holy month people fast, in hopes to get their spirits closer to the almighty, as Muslims, are ordered to care for the poor and provide them with things they need such as food. The fasting (from sunrise to sunset) helps us realize how much they suffer although our hunger pains are only for a few hours compared to those less fortunate than us.

But what I don’t get is, if we are not exporting cucumbers or any vegetable produce to make it available to the Jordanian consumer, how come a few days ago I was able to purchase a kilogram of Cucumbers for half a JD, where as today as I headed to the market for groceries I bought a kilogram of Cucumbers for 1 Jordanian Dinar?

Ironically, the Jordan times published an article two days ago with the subject: “No Ramadan Price Hikes Yet” perhaps they should have held their thoughts on this matter, because within 48 hours, the price of vegetables – or should I say “Cucumbers” to be more politically-correct has doubled! So who’s to blame? The farmers who feel they have overflow in their stocks of vegetable produce that they want to cut their losses by increasing the prices? Or greedy dealers, taking advantage of the no-export initiative taken by our government to make sure Jordanian citizens have their full needs available during the holy month?!

I wonder…

– Sleepless in Amman


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  1. as prices of meat and chicken hike up, its only fair for the jordanian citizen to have a good salad …

  2. I wish our problems were boiled down to the prices of cucumbers.

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