CV Writing Tips for Fresh Graduates

CV Writing Tips for Fresh Graduates

Many fresh graduates who graduated earlier this summer have decided to put off their job hunting to mid-September when the Holy Month of Ramadan is over, so they could adjust to the long working hours without fasting, and I figured since fresh graduates are usually a little bit clueless on the basics of getting a job, and have many common mistakes when it comes to CV Writing, Interviewing, Dressing for an Interview etc… So am introducing a new category at Sleepless in Amman, which offers tips and advice on everything you need in regards to jobs

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is the essence of you getting anywhere in the career world, before you get called up for an interview, you’re CV should be your selling point, and it will determine whether you get called up for an interview or not, furthermore you’re CV can get tossed in an unwanted pile of applicants if not presented properly, so be sure to stand out, and make sure your CV is read and appreciated, CV styles can also vary, but mostly include work history, achievements, skills and the life history of a candidate. Improving your resume or CV can be an important step toward landing a position.

Rule #1: Your CV Is Not an Autobiography

Don’t confuse telling your story with creating your autobiography. Employers are inundated with resume submissions and are faced with weeding out the good from the bad. The first step involves quickly skimming through resumes and eliminating candidates who clearly are not qualified. Therefore, your resume needs to pass the skim test. Look at your resume and ask yourself:

  • Can a hiring manager see my main credentials within 10 to 15 seconds?
  • Does critical information jump off the page?
  • Do I effectively sell myself on the top quarter of the first page?

As a fresh graduate it is understandable that you may not have any real work experience, maybe summer internships and part time jobs, but the way you present your CV as an intelligent job-seeking fresh grad is fundamental:

On the top right corner of the page make sure your name is clear and bold with your contact details neatly mentioned under (Contact E-Mail Address, Contact Number)



[Why are you applying for a job? What is your career Objective?]


Example: A fresh graduate with willingness to experience in sales, marketing, vendor negotiations and management at an entry level.




[Do you have any work experience, as a fresh graduate it is understandable that you will most likely mention part-time jobs and internships. List them from the most recent mentioned first and go backwards.]


[Manage this space to mention your education level briefly, also from the most recently earned degree going backward to the oldest, most commonly you should mention your Bachelors and High School degrees]


You’re CV shouldn’t be longer than one page, especially that you’re a fresh graduate and remember NEVER RELY ON SPELLCHECK! Always get a friend to proof-read for you!




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  1. Moh'd Okour a.k.a Detained Sanity : September 10, 2010 at 8:49 pm


    The CV is the starting point for any fresh graduate, guiding fresh graduates is something they need and i am so glad that Lara came up with this great idea to creat a “CAREERS” category.
    It is also very important for fresh graduates to think of thier career progress once they start gaining good quality experience and to start maping thier career path and what will they need to do to always be up to date with thier feild of studies and line of speciality.

    In my line of work i am engaged on a daily basis with either fresh graduates or young professionals with experience under 2 years or professionals with several years of experience who are seeking to step up the level of their acheived academic education to a professional education level (Certification)each in thier own feild of studies/experience.

    I get to sit down with a lot of fresh graduates and assist them in thier career orientation and the path of professional studies they are interested in and whither it fits thier qualifications or not; and I am almost always surprized with the poor level of academic education they received in thier undergraduate studies and how they are really suffering when they start a professional education program.

    I hope we will reach the point in our academic system to actually see qualified and knowledgable graduates coming out of our universities.

    If you allow me Lara, i would like to offer my help to any one out there seeking assistance or guidance in a professional education program in any of the following feilds (CMA, CPA, CIA, CFA, CSCP, PHR, SPHR and Diploma in IFRS).

    All the best for ever one and many many thanks to Lara for this wonderful idea.

  2. I am very happy you posted this as well as the cover letter writing pointers. I have seen soooo many CV’s that are 3 pages long and have absolutely no content. Many people also fill a quarter of a page of “Activities”. Unless you are trying to get a job with the navy, NOBODY CARES YOU LIKE TO GO SWIMMING IN YOUR FREE TIME!

    who the hell teaches high school/university students how to write CV’s anyway?

    • lol I dont think anyone teaches students how to write a cv or a resume, but you are told one way or another to include EVERYTHING about your self because that makes you interested and gets you hired NOT

      Thanks for your thoughts Ali, really, I am looking forward to posting as much career advice as possible, I have supervised the Career Guidance Counselor’s work at university for about 8 months, before taking over when she left. I still do small favors in regards to career here and there, so I figured, hey, I might as well blog about it!

      Once again, thanks! Its always nice having members of my extended family visit my blog regularly 🙂

  3. I’m reading a lot about this subject and i’m getting lost every time i read something new , thnx for trying to help

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