December Baby!

December Baby!

Here goes my December rant!
Must be the weather, because I’m cold! Like really cold! Dressed up in several layers, yet my fingers seem to have taken a liking with a new hue of reddish-blue while I’m typing up this post, which is not as sleepless as you might think since I’m at work!
So December! I used to love it, seeing that I am a December baby, but uh, I only loved it the past couple of years when I spent my birthday with my girls, and December 15th seemed to be one of those sunny days each year. Now my Facebook feed, and whatsapp feed are full of the weather forecast, and just thinking of snow makes my bones chill, and I think to myself, if I could help it, I would never have a December child!
With Eminem and Rihanna battling out lying for the sake of love in my office, I decided to revisit my childhood memories, where almost every single birthday got ruined! Why? Thanks to December weather the kids simply didn’t show up! I hated celebrating my birthday alone, it was a heart breaker that got to me every single year. To top this off, I still didn’t get the presents.
So here’s the deal: say I bought a friend a birthday present and I didn’t make it to their birthday, won’t I just give it to her/him the next time I see them? I would! So what was the deal with these kids telling me, sorry we didn’t get you a gift! ‘Mama and Baba said since we didn’t attend the party, we get to keep it to our selves’! Ugh! I’m so rolling my eyes over this, and well laughing. At 26 going on 27 I find it hilarious, but seriously, I hate being a December baby! I always got teased about being younger than everyone else in my class but at least now, it’s the other way round, I’m always going to be the youngest no?
Ah well, enough ranting, I miss the sunshine though, this gloomy weather is depressing to my soul, but on the bright side, THANK GOD I wasn’t born on Feb 29th, who would want to be born on a leap year!
To all the December Sagittarian Babies our there, here’s a random list of our traits! Yep, we’re cool like that!




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