Egypt my heart is with you…

Egypt my heart is with you...

(C) Tarek Wajeh

Has Social Media become the number one terror to governments? In Egypt the government has blocked twitter and Facebook, and many Satellite Channels hasn’t streamed the developments on January 25th events in Egypt, I actually got most of my live feed of twitter by adding the hashtag #Jan25 to my newsfeed.

I remember reading last night that VodaFone in Egypt has blocked all Google Services, Twitter, Blogpost and Google Talk, are you guys actually that scared that the citizens of your country will communicate with the outside world? What a shame… A report by Reuters published on January 25th from San Francisco, says that twitter has officially confirmed that “the Internet messaging and communications site had been blocked in Egypt, where thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.”

@UrdunMubdi3 has tweeted to Wael Ghonim saying: “@Ghonim A government that is scared from #Facebook and #Twitter should govern a city in Farmville not a country like #Egypt #Jan25

The power of social media has definitely become a threat and its sad to see how politics is anti-transparency, because no one wants to watch a news report or a montage to understand what’s going on around us, people want a live feed, and from the looks of it, no one is getting it, and if it weren’t for twitter, facebook and youtube video’s streaming and resuming the role of modern day media, that wouldn’t be possible; Egypt is on the edge of a revolt, or probably is in one, given that fact that am stuck here behind tweet deck, hoping for the best for our fellow Egyptians

I follow Habib Haddad on Twitter, and I cannot forget the video that I caught on one of his tweets. “@habibh: Egypt gets its Tiananmen square moment. Man bravely stands in front of armored vehicle! Must watch! #Jan25#Egypt”. Its been 48 hours since the video has been posted on YouTube and so far 98,436 people have watched it and counting.

Click on the link to watch the video:

Ata Qadi on January 25th tweeted “CONFIRMED: The Minister of Interior, Habib EL Adly gave orders to the forces to SHOOT gatherings after 11:15 due to “EMERGENCY LAW” #JAN25” @ AtaQadi what a heart break. While Ahmed Fouad on twitter reached out to fellow tweeps saying “EGYPTIAN GOV IS USING EXCESSIVE FORCE against US SAVE US WERE THE human rights ORG !!!!!!!!!!!!! #Egypt #jan25” @ AhmedFouad

Some tweets where also surfacing and reporting that Suzane Mubarak has arrived to Heathrow Airport on the night of the 25th and has claimed that Hosni Mubarak’s son and family has also took off to London, where as reports have confirmed that a  plane with Gamal Mubarak, his wife and daughter on board left for London Tuesday from an airport in western Cairo, the website Akhbar Al Arab said, according to the Times website, nothing was confirmed about Egypt’s first lady Suzane Mubarak.

By the morning of January 26, people on twitter have urged tweeps to be consistent and use the hashtag #Jan25. The mess in the Suez City got so intense that some people have literally called it a warzone, there where so many clashes between the citizens and police forces, where as ironically the night before some tweeps have said that members of the policy forces have stripped out of uniform and joined the protestors. The citizens of Suez where furious, angry for the killing of their local citizens Mustafa Reda , Soliman Saber and Gharib Abdel Aziz Abdel Latif during the protest of January 25th that their grief has turned into unstoppable rage of anger.

I can’t seem to get my eyes of tweet deck, one minute you look away and you have missed a ton of news worth knowing about Egypt and the protests. I cannot forget a tweet that made me smile, the bitter-sweet kind of smile that makes your eyes tear up in grief, a Retweet by my friend Jansait by another friend Khalid Hakim that said “ نصيحه : من تونسي بللو شال بالماء ولفوه على وجوهكم وانافكم لتخفيف اثار مسيل الدموع” I remember reading it out loud to my father who told me to tweet back and tell them in Palestine, they use Onions when attacked with tear gas. Apparently if you cut an onion in half and inhale it’s sent, the tear gas doesn’t get to you or affect you.

At this point am speechless, all I can do is sit back and stream with the non-stop news on twitter, and ofcourse pray, and hope that our brothers and sisters in Egypt get peace in their lives, they deserve it. And as they say a picture speaks a thousand words, and so far the best Photo’s I have seen are on Facebook ( by Pierre Sioufi. Check them out and let me know your thoughts on whats going on with Egypt.


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