Enjoying Amman with a 10 JD Budget or Less

Enjoying Amman with a 10 JD Budget or Less

In a country where everything seems over-priced, increasing in prices or just ridiculously expensive, it makes me sad that Jordan – Amman specifically has become outrageously pricey, it almost sounds impossible to go out without spending an average of 15-25 JDs per night (and yes sometimes per person depending on the place.) So I decided to jog my memory on some of the beautiful, non-costly things that one may enjoy in Amman now a days, with the golden rule that it should be under JD 10.

[1] Treat your self to a witty Jo-Bedu T-Shirt with a smart sarcastic line, like “Bala Gafye” or “7ata Hadaf Hayati tele3 tasaloul”! Their only 10 JDs, and you’ll have one more item to put in your closet, you’ll be in a good mood every time you wear it, and will eventually make people smile when they catch a glimpse of you wearing such a statement.

[2] Treat your self to a “Blast From the Past” Restaurant as I like to call them! Sohor at Hashem Downtown in Ramadan, Falafel Sandwiches from Falafel Al-Quds on the first circle or a scrumptious sandwich from Reem’s Shawerma on the second circle. All of which wont cost you more than a JD or two.

[3] Enjoy a day of art, many don’t, but you can’t say you don’t enjoy art until you experience it personally, so before you go making excuses on how lame art is, stop by Jabal Wibdeh and stop by some the National Gallery (which costs you 2 JDs) or Darat Al Funnun and check out the latest insight of Jordanian and Arab artists showcased there.

[4] Buy a cup of coffee or a cuppa tea from a coffee vendor in Jabal wibdeh for 0.500 fils and sit on the hillside of Jabal Wibdeh over looking downtown, the scene is spectacular, it’s usually cool as your on a hillside, and the distant sound of traffic is ironically soothing.

[5] Order in an Argeeleh from Wheels Express! Yes Argeeleh’s are ridiculously expensive to enjoy at a place out side the house, with tax, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of water (and lets not forget about tipping the coal man). Enjoy a wheels Express Argeeleh for 5 JDs delivered to your home, with love and full of flavor!

[6] Drive to Abdoun where Bianca Café and Macaroni’s restaurant are located, if you drive and park 500 meters down the hill, get out of your car and take a look, the hill on your left hand side, is packed with buildings showing a less fortunate area of Amman, on the right hand side is the luxurious Abdoun/Deir Ghbar area. The view is quite artistic and is worth enjoying a sunset there.

[7] Head to the Animal Humane Center on the Airport Road, and enjoy a day playing with kittens, puppies and other animals. Many of those animals have been abused and are lucky to have found a temporary shelter. Make it your good deed for the day, and if you’re lucky enough you might be able to adopt and make one of those orphan pets yours.

[8] Share a “3azeezi” – as it is the latest and funniest epidemic that has over washed Jordan. Or log on to their website 3azeezi.com and enjoy reading the hall of fame and the hall of shame, where some are seriously funny, some are just lame, that people should think twice before posting them. (This includes me, I made it to the Hall of Shame, am not that funny)

[9] Drop by Abu Khamees Bakery on a Friday and grab some Manaqeeh for your family and your self, as the oldest bakery in the fast growing Swefieh area, it is still quite cheap and insanely delicious, with some tea you got your self a Friday Breakfast/Brunch for under 10 JDs.

[10] There are ten stairs that lead downtown from the surrounding mountains, walk down the stairs from the one in Jabal Amman to go to Downtown, it’ll cost you nothing, you’ll boost up your energy level and enjoy an artistic perspective of Jordan.


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Great article! We are very happy that you mentioned us… as well as other well known Jordanian brands. Will be checking out your blog more often now!

    Abul 3iz,

  2. Good job… !!!

  3. 3azzezi should cost me nothing to posts @ in all cases !!
    but i loved point 2 and 5 , those 2 choices are the best , thank you for the article.

  4. Aha.. nice.. but!

    1) Your main goal is to find something cheap and fun to do because Amman is so expensive.. clearly, a 10 Jo Bedu T doesn’t belong here, it should be under “jokes that cost you 10 JDs to tell” or something.

    2) The “Blast from the past” example restaurants above, while costing less than 10 JDs are outragously expensive and over rated, “as3aar siya7iyeh” 3ainak 3ainak! bedallo falafel bel akher! sorry!

    3) Art galleries are a good suggestion theoretically, but lately all art exhibitions are filled with works of psuedo-Jordanians who do not represent the true local talents, and who are only here for a summer break, returning to England or the US next month.

    4) Yes, lets go enjoy the view in Lweibdeh on the cute stairway, and also enjoy the police car that’ll bug you with the infamous “rokhasak w hawiyyet elli ma3ak” within 5 minutes of arriving.

    5) another obvious advertisement for an overpriced product that almost all Jordanian households have stored somewhere.

    6) Der Ghbar! lol! Sure! all you poor people, if you can’t have fun, go and stare at rich poeple’s villas for fun!

    7) Orphan pets.. no comment..

    8) 3azeezati el katiba, ba3d kol elli enkatab foog, mfakreetna 3aysheen bi Monaco mathalan!

    9) Why is Abu Khamees better than any other bakerry bel balad?! wella ah sa7.. de3ayeh bardo.. nseet!

    10) Marie Antoinette suggested biscuits to the poor as an alternative to bread, and this here is the same thing, even worse actually, you’re simply saying “if you don’t have money, take a hike!”

    El sha3b te3eb ya okhti, el nas mosh lagyeh 7aleeb la wladha (here’s an idea for your JO Bedu T-shirts! a starving Jordanian child with a bubble over his head saying “Got Milk?”, mosh wagt el shawerma wel arageel delivery wel bisas el yateemeh.. KHAFOO ALLAH!


    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      First of all, I highly appreciate the emotions you vividly displayed when you were writing this, albeit slightly negative ones. However, I feel that i must make the following assumptions VERY clear before proceeding:

      Assumptions one makes when reading an article posted on a personal blog:

      One: The article is written by a single person. That person ( unless stated otherwise ) does not represent the government or the public sector. They simply represent themselves.

      Two: In most cases, the content of the article is not based on extensive research, analysis, and facts, but merely the humble opinion and/or the personal experience of the author.

      Three: In all likelihood, the author is not trying to single-handedly shape the opinions of the readers to coincide with their own. They are not trying to change the mindset of an entire generation, nor find a solution to world hunger. They simply provide their readers with an argument, and give their own take on the matter.


      Having said that, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lara and I’m the author of my own personal blog. I do not work at the United Nations and sadly I’m also not in charge of reducing the Jordanian poverty line.

      Going back to the article in question, and after reviewing all of whats written above, you should now be at ease knowing I was only offering my own opinions and simply stating the things I would do that cost me ten JDs or less.

      Generally speaking, opinions do not grant further explanation, but I’m willing to go that extra mile and explain why I chose those 10 things in particular, and perhaps provide some counter-arguments to the ones you made.

      [1] Buying a Jo-Bedu Shirt means supporting a Jordanian production by young Jordanian Men rather than buying designer clothes or T-shirts off a certain brand or a label. The T-Shirts are made in Jordan, and since we come from a country where people rarely smile, a sense of humor is appreciated sometimes.

      [2] Sure, everything is expensive nowadays. However, it does not cost you more than 10 JDs, and it is indeed relatively less expensive than eating at an international restaurant chain or the like.

      [3] Regardless of what art galleries are featuring, it’s still art. Jordanians who live aboard, live in Jordan or even non-Jordanians featuring their work are entitled to showcase it. Most importantly though, I, Lara, very much enjoy going to the aforementioned galleries.

      [4] Honestly what you said rarely ever happens to me, maybe its the power of positive thinking, or maybe I’m just extremely lucky. Even when it does happen though, reaching out for your wallet and helping an officer of the law do their job isn’t entirely that much time consuming. Imagine if a terrorist was parked where you were and you happened to be living across the street, wouldn’t you have wanted the officer patrolling the area to ask for their ID and detect suspicious behaviour?

      [5] Wheels Express is also another Business started up by young Jordanian men who are hoping to make it in the corporate world. And no, we don’t all have Argeelahs at home. Just for the record, I don’t own Wheels Express, and I didn’t get paid for mentioning them. If you call it an advertisement your probably right, one they explicitly earned by keeping me, a customer, satisfied. ( I believe the expression that best describes this is Word of Mouth. )

      [6] I think you missed my point entirely. First off, I never labeled people as poor or rich, but there is an area down hill that overlooks unprivileged homes and more luxurious ones. Aside from the rather ironic scene (Or artistic, as i referred to it) – I like to go there and contemplate about the various blessings Allah has blessed me with. I go there to try and imagine what the less fortunate people living there think or feel when they look at the opposite side, of course the key word here is try, because i realize i may never succeed in doing so.

      [7] Orphan pets, yes. The reason their Orphans is because many people simply don’t care about them, or in extreme cases, abuse them. Adopting a pet costs nothing, am not telling people to go buy them for hundreds of dinars, but am asking them to give them a shelter if they can. You say “Khafo Allah”, and I couldn’t agree more. Its our duty as superior beings to care for all living things here on earth. In Islam, there is one Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that mentions the case of a woman of ill repute who once helped a thirsty dog by making extra effort to fetch water from a well. She was saved from hell for that small kindness alone.

      [8] 3azeezi il mo3aleq, sho ra2yak tefta7 your own blog wo toktob article isimha 10 things I don’t like to do, and redirect it to this article mathalan?

      [9] Again, personal opinion. Lets break it down one more time:

      Lara likes Abu Khamees.
      Abu Khamees makes Lara happy.
      Lara mentions Abu Khamees in her blog.
      The end.

      [10] Here’s why I personally like to hike.

      A: It’s free. Meaning, it costs less than 10 JDs. (Refer to article name)
      B: It is good for my health.
      C: I enjoy the scenery.

      Finally, I thank you for taking the time and effort to post a feedback. Thanks to you, I will now consider the fact that some readers may mistake me for the new voice of the generation, and i will keep that in mind when writing my upcoming posts. I will also try to rephrase my articles to represent opinions and personal experiences more clearly, you know, just in case the words personal and blog were too difficult to fully comprehend.

  5. i can take you out with nutin but 4 jdz and it will do it

    every single day i smoke argeli with the friends for 1.75 at ammone cafee which is full of flavor and its also a plast from the past.

    and you can enjoy the best “ka3ik” from salah al din bakery at abdaly and go up stairs and smoke argeli 😀

    well it depends on where are you goin
    i dont car for luxurious furnished cafes i just wanna see ma friends and thats the most important thing.

    and i can give you a list of such places just ask

  6. i lol’d !!! nice article .. but there’s a lot of points i need to focus on .. before i mentioned them .. you should know .. we can’t do such things everyday .. cause i’ll get so bored from them .. seriously i can’t do the same thing every day ffs !!!

    Now lets talk about my theories 😉

    1. why should i order 5 JD agreeleh to my home while i could get it in 1.5 – 1.75 JD in Ammon or De3mes 🙂 .. yet i can get access to thy internet there .. and without opening “3azzezi” cause it makes me sick 😛

    2. how the hell could i enjoy myself while buying T-shirts ?! seriously :/ .. OK “Made in Jordan” 3ala rassi.

    3. nafs kalam Mr.V .. thy police officers “el dawreyat” ma bt5ali 7ad f 7alo .. “ro5setak .. haweetak”

    4. Abu Khamees was so good .. but not anymore .. fi azka menno 😉

    5. if you want to enjoy yourself .. then go to “Mo7taref remal” .. or enjoy yourself in Rainbow Str .. bas la troo7i 5amees o jom3a 🙂

    and thx for thy article .. bas 2no ma 3ajabni feeha 2no fi points mesh sho3’ol enjoying bel marra

  7. Dear Lara,

    Your reply was nothing less than incredible! This is fine writing ma’am, and I admit that your reason overpowers my anger.

    And since I can’t, for the life of me, explain the overnight change in the writing style and quality of argument from poor to truly magnificent, it would mean a lot to me if you can send some of your work, Lara’s work, or at least the link to your blog, to savadejavu@yahoo.com.

    Thanks again for a most enjoyable read, and give my best to Sleepless in Amman.

    Yours truly,


  8. YOU MAD ??? :3 (V brother) : August 24, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    lol wut ??? you deleted my reply ????
    how sweet 😀

    • lool what i didnt delete anything loool
      P.S: YOU MAD??? Are you referring to me? Cause am sane, are you mad? lol

    • YOU MAD ??? :3 : August 24, 2010 at 9:08 pm

      oh my bad it seems i cant say bad words here :/

      here it is

      again !

      [1] Treat your self to a witty Jo-Bedu T-Shirt with a smart sarcastic line, ….

      or you can easily go to sooq al jom3a and buy 7 to 9 cool t shirts and way better than jo-bedu
      i have a t shirt says (I AM AN A##HOLE AND I AM PROUD!!!)
      and d#m i love that shirt 😀

      [2] Treat your self to a “Blast From the Past” Restaurant as I like to call them!….

      well the other day i went with my friends to hashem ordered 5 plates of homos and 1 plate of fool and we bayed 8 jds ! so nah i don’t think so
      and for your info baying a 50 kersh for a sandwich from al quds restaurant doesn’t worth it since u can get an ordinary one and better than al quds for 25 qeresh or 30

      [3] Enjoy a day of art, many don’t, but you can’t say you don’t enjoy art until you …..

      say what ?? since most of Jordanians don’t know the word art i don’t think this well be one of there top 10

      [4] Buy a cup of coffee or a cuppa tea from a coffee vendor in Jabal wibdeh ….

      meh i get those for 15 or 30 qeresh from gahwet aboo al 3abed and am a cola guy !

      [5] Order in an Argeeleh from Wheels Express! Yes Argeeleh’s are ridiculously ….

      y wuld i spend 5 jds on a rented argelah when i can easily buy a new one for 4 jds ??? and with the extra jd i can get m3asel and coal

      [6] Drive to Abdoun where Bianca Café and Macaroni’s restaurant are located, ….

      i don’t have a car and i have a whole hill behind my house to set on and i have jerash and salt and ajlun in the view care to join me ?

      [7] Head to the Animal Humane Center on the Airport Road, and enjoy a day playing with kittens, puppies and other animals. ….

      i worked there as a volunteer
      great place but it is d#mn hard to get there without a car and since or beloved country known for it’s great transportation system i don’t think so !!!
      and lady please !!!!
      we have cats and dogs in every street in Amman ! and they get abused 24/7 we should care about them since they are the nearest to us !

      [8] Share a “3azeezi” – as it is the latest and funniest epidemic that has over washed Jordan. ….

      o rely ??? u mad ? :3

      [9] Drop by Abu Khamees Bakery on a Friday and grab some Manaqeeh for your family and your self,….

      haha am more into breakfast under 2 jds homos rules
      and who would wake up early in the morning and go to swefiah with the traffic and every thing just to get some manageesh ????

      [10] There are ten stairs that lead downtown from the surrounding mountains,….

      or i can easily get in a bus or sarfees o be faster and more comfortable !

      one last thing i go out like every Friday to jabal amma to see my friends and i spend about 4 jds on buses and taxes !
      so i think you should change the artecal title into
      Enjoying Amman with a 10 JD Budget or Less with your own car and spare 50 jds for emergences

  9. You’re bad you can’t use bad words here? I’m disappointed, I didn’t take you as one of those people who swear?

    Well, am not going to go back to explaining my self all over again, however, I like the way you think, believe it or not. People make choices, and the beauty of our choices is that we make them based on our own perspective of things in life. While I might enjoy a jo-bedu,for example, other’s might not.

    However, I like the controversy that this article has created, some are mad and disappointed others are supportive and happy with my suggestions, after all, this is merely a personal blog where I represent my thoughts, insights, and suggestions that I personally enjoy, am not trying to force my opinion or thoughts on anyone, or imply that they should 🙂

    P.S: The view you just described… “have a whole hill behind my house to set on and i have jerash and salt and ajlun in the view” sounds spectacular. you’re lucky!

    • YOU MAD ??? :3 : August 24, 2010 at 9:20 pm

      about the bad words thing all i said is
      yah word press like to keep there blogs clean ???
      and they call it freedom of speache

      any way
      am not even mad
      but as v said next time u wana post something like this make sure it well fit every person in Jordan !
      and oh yah one more thing !
      you dont have to be mad at all :3

      • Well am glad wordpress don’t allow people to swear on my blog, Freedom of speech or not.. We are all civil enough to chose are words carefully instead of swearing.

        Thank you for your insight on posting something that would fit “every person in Jordan” but that’s impossible and you know it. Have you ever heard the story of Joha, His Donkey and His Son? Same concept, bottom line is no matter what you do, you wont be able to satisfy everyone’s taste, and like I said before, its a personal opinion on a personal blog! 🙂

        Thank you for following

  10. fekri al kilani : September 25, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    nice post Lara,

    I’m lord of survival any giving amount of money, it is very easy to go to hottest spots in Amman and spend less than 10 JD ,just order one item.

    and also you can enjoy the life of Amman without spend a ta3eerfa the trick is to have strong well to avoid temptation and very strong leg to walk long distant,however I don’t recommend free fun all the time unless you are broke

  11. […] And one of those posts that managed to draw attention to everyone who came through it ” Enjoying Amman with a 10 JD Budget or Less ” , And posts like this one keep on coming on lara’s sleepless in amman and this is […]

  12. Just wana say that I enjoyed reading this, and all comments, it’s great. It gives me a perspective from the inside about where to go in Amman.

    I come to visit once a year. for some reson i end up going to all the fancy places that I dont really care for. I ask about the more traditional restaurants/cafe’/bakery that I crave and like to be in but no one thier is excited to take me there.

    so here are some Runts and Raves about Ammaneez.
    1-Who think shawerma 3al wa2if from jabal Elhosine is “beneath” them.
    2-Who want an Iphone G4 for show off, but no internet on ot. not to mention sending random Bluetooth messages to see if they can pick up women … and women who respond !!!
    3-Who interduce themself for the 1st time (I am Mohandes/DR/Basha/what ever) insted of there first name. although I am an Eng/USA, I would feel so stuped and dump to interduce myself as (ana muhandis sala7)..so why do I have to call some Basha, muhandis..or even seedy, and contribute to his daying selfesteem.
    4-Who stop their car on the highway because they want to buy lettuce”firas blog”
    5-Who dress like they’re going clubbing, but are just headed to the grocery store to buy bread “firas blog”
    5-this for low life guys only/will you please quit harrasing girls with old pick-up lines, enough already, its old and embassing to you and ur friends.

  13. I enjoyed reading the article alot because I do the same things some times .. Thank u Lara

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