Facebook Weekly in Jo (11 Sep.)

Facebook Weekly in Jo (11 Sep.)

Last Week I introduced a new post to Sleepless in Amman called “THE FACEBOOK WEEKLY IN JO”. It will be a Sleepless in Amman regular feature every Sunday to highlight the fastest growing Facebook pages in Jordan, alongside their ranking in Jordan and Regionally! This week’s stats (September 11th) are in, compliments of the Social Watch List (http://www.socialwatchlist.com/).

In Social Media it’s all about quantity and quality, while I am not here to judge the quality of the pages, here is a quick recap on this week’s fastest moving and growing pages in Jordan.

  • Last week’s #1 was Orange Jordan which remains #1 this week with a total number of 137,876 Fans (That’s a 98 fan increase since last week) Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/OrangeJordan
  • Placed #2 this week is Play 99.6 Radio Channel Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/Play996) with a total number of 106,115 Likes but with no significant movement or growth.
  • #3 this week comes Zain Jordan (http://www.facebook.com/zainjordan) with a total number of 88,176 Likes on their page, marking a 1% growth since last week!

Who’s on fire!

Following the Top 3 Regular comes “Who’s On Fire” – dedicated to the fastest movement and growth among pages in Jordan…The honors go to:

Mada Jordan once again which was HOT last week with a 100% growth and a total number of 10,909 fans! This week they have grown 38% with a total number of 15,010, making them #18 in Jordan and #250 in rank regionally.

The HOT List!

The HOT list is dedicated to the fastest growing pages on Facebook on Weekly Basis, so who’s running up the ladder this week?!

  • Royal Jordanian Airlines with a total number of 81,309 Likes on their page has a 1% growth among other pages, ranking their page #4 in Jordan and #66 regionally [http://www.facebook.com/RoyalJordanian]


  • Jeeran Amman had a total number of 70,295 fans last week and has increased a significant 4% this week. With a total number of 72,822 Fans they are now #6 in Jordan and #78 regionally. [http://www.facebook.com/JeeranAmman1


  • Umniah Belong is ranked #11 in Jordan and #121 regionally with a total number of 41,293 Fans this week, a 1% growth from last week’s numbers. [http://www.facebook.com/umniah.belong]


  • Nokia Jordan (http://www.facebook.com/NokiaJordan) was at 38,051 last week fans this week and has increased to a total number of 38,449 this week landing a #12 rank in Jordan’s weekly top pages and 132 regionally! That is a 1% growth for the page.


  • Also growing at a 1% from last week is Shawermama which had a total number of 32,041 fans! This Week Shawermama’s page[ http://www.facebook.com/shawermama] is at 32,240 likes, ranking it #13 in Jordan and #151 regionally.


  • Arab Bank Shabab [http://www.facebook.com/shabab] is at 22,601 “Likes” this week, with a 1% growth since last week and a #16 ranking in Jordan, and a #188 rank regionally.


  • Chili House (http://www.facebook.com/ChiliHouse) was at 14,024 fans last week and has witnessed a 2% growth this week with a total number of 14,351 likes. That’s #19 rank in Jordan and a #254 rank regionally


  • If you have seen the Facebook Ads then you know that the Jordan Ahli Bank are campaigning online [http://www.facebook.com/JordanAhliBank] – their page has reached a total number of 13,930 Likes, a total of 2% growth, placing them on a #20 rank in Jordan and a #257 rank regionally


  • Dubizzle Jordan a classified website [http://www.facebook.com/DubizzleJordan]is now at 6,341 Likes, a 1% increase from last week’s growth, placing them as #28 locally and #356 regionally.


  • Also a website is group-buying service GoNabit Amman [http://www.facebook.com/GoNabitAmman] with a total number of 5,816 likes, marking a 1% growth since last week. Placing the website on a #29 rank locally and #368 regionally

  • Stardust Academy [http://www.facebook.com/stardustacademy] which made it to the “Who’s on Fire!” list last week continues to grow at a 14% rate with a total number of 5,070 likes in Jordan. Landing a #30 rank in Jordan and a #383 regionally


  • Go Magazine (http://www.facebook.com/GOMagJordan) was at 4,617 fans last week and is at 4,713 this week, a total of 2% growth bringing their rank to #31 in Jordan and #389 regionally


  • Last but not least Microsoft Jordan [http://www.facebook.com/MicrosoftJordan]  is at 4,500 likes with a rank of #33 in Jordan this week. That is a 2% growth bringing the pages regional rank to #395

That’s it this week, with a quick recap on the fasted growing pages in Jordan! Stay tuned for more recaps every Sunday night!




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  1. you should also check out SPIN Jordan and Ayyam FM’s facebook pages. we made it to the list this week and are ahead of some of the ones mentioned. 🙂

    p.s. love your blog <3 very informative

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