Facebook’s Dislike Button

Facebook's Dislike Button

For years now, Facebook has evolved into bring what they have believed to enhance the user experience. They brought in polls, changed the gallery viewer, updating their policies notoriously and even allowing group admins to add you to groups that you don’t want to be part of, on most occasions most people would tweet or update their Facebook Status saying: “Dear Facebook, Thank You for the Polls, Still waiting for the dislike button” Or something within the lines of that.

With Facebook’s very own LIKE Button which turned 1 year old on April 22nd, people have been asking and wanting a Facebook Dislike button for a year now, and much to their surprise, a Facebook Dislike button has emerged, but beware it isn’t a Facbook function that you can add, it’s pure spam.

So if you get an invitation or see a wall post that says “Install Dislike Button”, think twice, Facebook doesn’t have a dislike button, whereas YouTube does. The “Facebook Dislike” Button first emerged online in September of 2010, and seems to have creeped it’s way back again on Event Posts, Wall Posts and Private Messages, where people are blinded by hope that Facebook has finally agreed to introduce a dislike button.

Clicking on the link, however, will not only forward the fake message about the so-called “Fakebook Dislike button” to all of your online friends by posting it to your profile, but also run obfuscated Javascript on your computer.


For a few weeks now, Facebook had spammers invade their space, and many of us have been blinded by the amounts of spam and continuous wall feeds out there, I for one almost deactivated my Facebook because I got sick of all the posts spamming my wall feed, my notifications bar and inbox, but then decided to sit back and see what would happen.

In an interview with CNET Yesterday, Facebook company spokesman Fred Wolens told CNET News that “There are new methods they’ve picked up after we put out the protections on Thursday,” he said. “It’s an arms race. We put out new protections and they come up with new campaigns…When we announced the new security features, they were calibrated for all the self-XSS attacks we’d seen at the time.” With that said, you know spammers are getting creative to pass Facebook’s Spam detection system, I wish I could hit a dislike button to that. (Sense the Sarcasm).

So if you are tempted, just remember, hitting that dislike button will cause you misery.


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  1. jehad saleem : May 17, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    thank you very much – beautiful page ,,,,, i like it

  2. you have to keep something in mind Facebook does not communcatie through chain letters or through application the only way facebook communicate to its users is through the feed page above it when they have msg to sahre it will pop up the first thing u enter facebook so always remember this FACEBOOK DOES NOT COMMUNICATE THROUGH MSGS OR CHAIN LETTER OR APPLICATION

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