Flirting “Arabic Style”

Flirting "Arabic Style"

We we’re watching this in the office today! A guy made a YOUTUBE Video explaining the pick-up lines in Arabic and translating them into English, encase you want to learn some Arabic Pick-Up Lines to flirt with the ladies!

I thought it was worth sharing the link with you guys to add a smile to you’re day!

Happy Watching!


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  1. Hahahaha cool stuff lara!

  2. nice video but honestly the guy is so silly 🙂 i searched for his blog and read some of it and honestly thats not the way to learn a language but nice try

  3. So cool !! 😀

  4. betakli is wrong dude , its bitetakli ,, phonetic wize ,,

    inti bititakli bala mele7

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