Friends is what am thankful for this year!

Friends is what am thankful for this year!

Today the 25th of November marks the thanksgiving holiday in the United States and Canada, although not celebrated in the Middle East or north Africa region it’s still one of those holidays, I hoped we can celebrate annually, because everyone of us is thankful and grateful for something or someone in their life, and it would be great to extend are gratefulness over lunch or dinner, which am pretty sure would include Mansaf or Musakhan rather than the traditional, turkey, mashed potatoes, yams and pumpkin pie dinner presentations.

Although traditionally celebrated as the “harvest day” in Canada and the United States, I have decided to celebrate thanksgiving in Amman by pointing out a few of the people that am thankful for having in my life.

Mummy: It’s been a very rough year for my mother this year, but regardless of the hard patches that have come her way and her hospitalization earlier in February, she still managed to break all odds as she always does, and get back up on her feet! I cannot seem to grasp how a woman in crutches insists on going out for her morning walk because she believes it will make her physically better and stronger, and it did. Personally am a very spoiled person when am sick and usually curl into ball on the couch and stay there for days, but my mom showed me that no matter what hits you, life goes on and you can fight whatever comes your way. What a great lesson learned this year, by a living example.

Reem: For those who know me, then you know my best friend Reem and I are technically like a married couple, for almost 6 years now we’ve been inseparable, and although since graduation back in ’07 we have drifted apart because of our different jobs and interests in life, that has never come between our friendship, it just brought us closer to each other and made Zain Jordan a very wealthy company with our non-stop phone calls. If anything, we can go weeks without speaking, weeks at a time as am now busy with my MBA and rarely have time to catch up with her on daily basis, but if anything our friendship has proved one of my favorite things in life: “A real friend is one who you not speak or hang out with for quite a period of time, but when you finally do, it feels like you have spoken yesterday.” God bless her, she never makes me feel like we’re miles away.

Betty: Believe it or not, I’ve known my girl betty for about 4 or 5 years now, but we’ve only hit it off as friends about two years ago, and it has gotten to a point where she has become more than a friend, she’s like a baby sister that I’ve never had, I love spoiling her, taking her out for sushi (which she has always refused to eat) and looking after her. I hate to admit it, but she has found a special place in my heart, mainly because she can deal with my anger, something that only Reem knows how to deal with. I’m an emotional person that keeps a lot to her self, and Betty has mastered the art of letting me vent out without bringing out the tears, so thank you for that.

Zein and Lolo: My girls friend Zein and Lolo haven’t been in my life for long, but they walked in to my life a year ago and I don’t think I can ever shut the door and let them out! There is something about those two that makes my life complete, probably cause they are ALWAYS there for me, and I’m more than happy to be there for them. I call them my friends, but they have generously accepted me into their homes and call me family. I’m like the fourth sister in their family, and their the extended family that I’ve never had seeing as am an only child. We can just chill watching TV, going out to the movies or speaking our hearts out to each other, and the world can be good again. Although everyone in my life has begged me to go for my drivers test for the past 5 years, I managed to ignore it for so long, but those girls have pushed me so far this year, that I ended up getting myself a car and a driving license, for a task that ive had on my “New Year’s Resolution” list for the past four years, I cannot believe they have pushed me to make it happen! You girls rock!

Ibrahim: Yes am speaking about Manna_87 since most of my sleepless in amman readers know him by hit twitter handle, there is something odd about our friendship and its probably because we almost never talk, and have never chilled or went out, yet, twitter, facebook, bbm, sms and our phone calls are always great, light hearted and have a hint of work included. Ibrahim keeps me at the edge of my seat with what he’s doing and if anything has sent so many great opportunities my way and always keeps me as his first option when creative writing and social media is involved. It’s amazing to have a friend who shares so much passion about his work, and always supports my work to the maximum extend. I am grateful.

Last but not least, my boss Mahmoud, he makes me thankful for my job and the many adventures on which it already has taken me. He has continually educated me on many things that I didn’t know, and always keeps that small window of opportunity for me to let me explore new things and add value into my life. I’ve always wanted to stay clear from Marketing and Communications in my life, but Mahmoud has let me explore a different world than I have expected, so thank you for that!

But the thing I am most thankful for is having an amazing family who supports me through everything. They are the ones who have helped me get an education, stay healthy, and they continue to support me while I work to achieve all my dreams.

Happy Thanks giving everyone!


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Lulu my one and only i love u more than anything baby 🙂 i also hate to admit it but i only enjoy eating sushi with u hahaha. God bless u baby girl

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  3. Your thankfulness for friends and family is an attribute of your good character. I’m not patronizing you; I don’t do such things – simply a statement of fact. Wishing you continued success Lara.

  4. what about me?

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