Gaza Bleeds and Israel Gloats on Social Media

Gaza Bleeds and Israel Gloats on Social Media

There comes a time in life when you hate what you love the most. I’ve been known for loving my job, or as I like to call it, my choice of career. As I dedicate lots of time in my daily life to social media and digital marketing. Until one day I wake up and BAM! The IDF have been using Social Media to brain wash the world, its heart breaking.

As Israel airstrikes killed the commander of military wing of Gaza’s Hamas two days ago, the Israeli jets and helicopters continue to fly over the Gaza strip. Palestinians said nine people were killed, including a seven-year-old girl. Back in 2008/2008 more than 1,500 Palestinians died and 13 Israeli’s when Israel decided to bomb Gaza. It seems that history is repeating itself once again as our brothers and sisters in our beloved Palestine bleed out.

There were times when the whole world watched the news by reading online articles through news agencies or watching TV. Today Israel has chosen to show the whole world what they have been up to, deceivingly and in an ugly manner utilizing social media.

It’s sad to see that a worldwide terrorist who kills babies who haven’t even celebrated their first year manage to use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to justify their attacks in the name of defense.

Reuters have reported earlier that “The Israel Defense Force (IDF) has established a presence on nearly every platform available. It launched a Tumblr account Wednesday, posting infographics touting how Israeli forces minimize collateral damage to Palestinian civilians. It prepared Facebook pages in several languages, and even has a bare-bones Pinterest page with photos of troops deployed in humanitarian missions.” How sick is that?

We live in a world of hypocrisy where social media is supposed to be a world transparent platform, and yet, it is used to brain wash people in the west to believe that Israel is a victim here. There was a time before the Zionists went in to invade Palestine where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in peace. But then the struggle for power in such a world comes in, and Israel gets world wide support on what its doing. I don’t seem to understand these platforms either, Facebook and Twitter both agree that they don’t support violence on their platforms, so how is it that direct threats and live feed of terrorism become accepted, huh?

According to YouTube policies “videos that encourage violence and depict violence are not allowed,” – and they managed to block an IDF video which shows a missile striking Al Jaabari’s car. But the debate continues with YouTube and sister company Google where they are not sure whether the footage must remain blocked or not!

Sad does not begin to describe how disgusting social media has become. As Gaza Bleeds and Israel Gloats on Social Media … I am left speechless on what to expect next!


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  1. Mohammed Al Najjar : November 17, 2012 at 1:51 am

    Well said, media is here to brain wash the ignorant and weak people and they are a lot, and what so called israel will continue what it’s doing and done until Muslims an arabs wake up from their coma and I really hope and pray that it won’t take them long

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