A Letter to George Clooney

A Letter to George Clooney

George Clooney has broken hearts across the world when he announced his engagement to Amal Alamuddin after swearing off marriage after his first divorce from his 1989 marriage, but then comes a woman, and not any woman, a well accomplished Lebanese woman who has graduated with honors from Oxford and New York University law school.

(C) Splash News

(C) Splash News

Then the Twitterverse exploded!

“I thought if there three certain things in life, it was death, taxes and George Clooney being single. Le sigh.” – @shama_ny

“I imagine all #GeorgeClooney ex GF’s are somewhere pacing, muttering ‘how’d she do it? REALLY how’d she do it?!’  @IamLaurenMiller

and of course there was the speculation of how long this “engagement” would last:

“I give it (the engagement) 2 months. RT @peoplemag: CONFIRMED! George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are engaged” – @monique_muise 

But the best of all of them did not come in 140 characters… of course not, because us Arabs simply can’t say anything in 140 characters, we really need to be expressive and detailed in how we ought to put our congratulatory words together to welcome Clooney into the Arab World.

Of course with that comes advice, not just any advice, the kind of advice you listen to very well, and well obviously, have to read over and over, because every single word is true, and hands down un-exaggerated, because it was thoughtfully orchestrated into a letter that no-Arab can argue against.

Before Arabs give advice to the success of a marraige, it all starts with the Wedding, and explaining it to a foreigner cannot be more simple than this:

Our weddings can create a sort of sensory overload. I would go to a few to observe the spectacle firsthand before your big day. It could be quite traumatic if the first Arab wedding you attend is your own. Yours might make “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” look like a private ceremony.


At the wedding, the size of your family will immediately grow a hundred times over. You will become a cousin to more individuals than you ever dreamt was possible. You will hold hands with men and dance in circles. You will need to learn the “change the light bulb” and “windshield wiper” moves. I have a video that might help.

Sounds like great advice, right ?

Take a minute and check out Amer Zahr’s blog post on his advice to George Clooney!

LINK: http://www.civilarab.com/a-letter-to-george-clooney-from-an-arab-guy/

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  1. Very well put Amer – however I reassure you in not time Clooney all run away – he wasn’t raised in this culture and he might enjoy the attention and a new culture for so long …and then ,,, he will miss Hollywood, the girls, the Western life . my grandma who was Arabic herself said mixing white westerners with middle eastern people is like mixing milk in Turkish coffee lol – just sayin….

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