Girls night out with Tresemme JO

Girls night out with Tresemme JO

Remember project runway, a reality series hosted by model Heidi Klum with Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Tim Gun about fashion? The show was all about having these contestants come up with fashionable garments with limited time, materials, and a theme for each night. As the case with most reality series, contestants were being eliminated one at a time, until the lucky finalists enjoyed the perks, in the case of project runway, prepare a complete collection for New York Fashion Week!

Now that we’re done reminiscing, this brings me to say why I’ve mentioned this in the first place. That was actually the first time I have heard of TRESemmé, a lit bit over a decade ago, I was fresh out of high school and enjoying my freshman year of college, and man oh man have I enjoyed the products since I laid my hands on them or what?

TRESemmé’s products are popular for hair repair treatment from heating damage caused by hair ironing and blow-drying, initially the product line was designed for Salon’s, and then made its debut for home use and became available in supermarkets worldwide. Personally, I have used a variety of their products, mainly because they were not consistently available in Jordan. I used to have a friend grab me some shampoos and my favorite “Split Remedy Leave-in Conditioning Spray” from the states, and after I had a baby, my go to was TRESemmé Smooth and Silky Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner which is great for dry and brittle hair (talk about the perfect combination postpartum).


Fast forward a good 12 years, and one day I get this beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered in a black box, talk about a trendy fashion statement, that’s out of the box, and delivered in a box with a little black card placed over a bed of white roses…

The invitation read:


“TRESEMME is finally in Jordan! We would like to invite you to a night of fashion, girl talks, image consultancy, and of course gorgeous hair! Join us at U Lounge on July 27th at 7 PM and bring your trendiest friend along. PS: Dress to impress and leave your hair & make up for us to take care of.”

Considering all variables, I called and arranged for a sitter, or else how would I dare step out so late? (Trust me, it’s late when you have a one year old and go to bed at 10.), and then thought of a trendy plus one. Now all of my girls are gorgeous inside and out, trendy with their own style, and making a decision was as hard as it can get, but I couldn’t think of anyone better than my cousin Inaam, she too has a one year old, and between juggling a job, a home, and a daughter, I felt that someone in the same boat deserved to step out for a night full of glamor.

Come Wednesday we were sipping mocktails and catching up over one of the best views and breathtaking sunsets in Amman, Inaam and I were definitely full of appreciation of our free time for the evening. Showing up au naturel with our hair undone and our make up as minimal as a slight eyeliner, ULounge was quickly buzzing with the sounds of chatting ladies, waiters going around with mocktails and canapés, and high heels clicking away while kisses were air exchanges and acquaintances were reunited.

The Sleepless Besties Inaam and Betty...

The Sleepless Besties Inaam and Betty…

The night kicked off with a very brief introduction of the brand followed by the announcement of the brand ambassador for TRESemmé Jordan, Shirene Refai. I’ve known Shirene from within assistance for almost as long as I’ve used TRESemmé for my hair. When I was just fresh out of high school I got an internship for the Summer at Living Well magazine and I got to see her work as the Fashion Editor there and then got to invite her a few years later to a Fashion Show held by the students of the college I worked at. Amman being a small world and all eventually I graduated and landed a job in a digital marketing agency, we ended up working in the same building only this time she was the Editor in Chief for UMagazine brand… Being a non-practicing lawyer in the fashion industry seemed to serve Shirene very well, as her career has spanned off into her passion, brand management and image consultancy.

I got the chance to catch up slightly with Shirene post event and we discussed her latest appointment as a TRESemmé brand ambassador, check out the transcript below for details:

SIA: What aspect of being a TRESemmé brand ambassador makes you the happiest?

Shirene: To begin with, I love my hair and I enjoy taking care of it. TRESemmé intensifies that experience and makes it even more fun. Having always been a fan of TRESemmé, it’s exciting to be their brand ambassador while providing women with the tools necessary to achieve their dream hair. However, it’s become about more than having great hair. Empowering and inspiring women in their quest to be more confident is the ultimate achievement for me. TRESemmé has always been that kind of partner to women all over the world and just to be part of that journey, a part of something I have great passion for, is exhilarating.  Everyone knows that I’m also an avid supporter of emerging designers. It’s important for people to see how involved TRESemmé is in embracing the local talent and supporting them to be greater. It’s not just about taking care of our hair. This collaboration is a means to influence and inspire, and ultimately command greatness.


SIA: Your field of work has allowed you to work with endless designers and artists, and with your impeccable taste designers are now killing to dress you. How does this impact your daily life?

Shirene: Fashion and style come naturally to me. I love to dress up and look stylish all the time and I enjoy working with my fellow designers, both local and international. For me, they are my friends and partners but the best part of it is that I style my own wardrobe and so I’m constantly on the lookout for new talent that can inspire my look and express my mood for the season. I appreciate the various tastes and approach to design that exists, so it’s a great honor to experience global talent. I find endless inspiration in the clothes, and styles which instills a personal prowess to kindle all my dreams.

SIA: You’re a mother who just celebrated her child’s high school graduation, what is your advice for other working moms when it comes to looking after themselves and pampering themselves?

Shirene: It’s such a beautiful chapter in my life seeing my eldest off to face the world with all its challenges. (I promised him I wouldn’t get emotional during our goodbyes.) My advice is to be the best at what you do. In my opinion, looking after yourself includes having self-respect not just for you, but towards those around you. It will spotlight your authenticity and make you memorable. It’s a style that no one can replicate. I strongly believe your self-respect will arm you with happiness and the power to overcome any challenges that may come your way.




All in all, it was a wonderful night, just look at the pictures of all of these beautiful ladies glammed up and having a perfect night out in town. Being a mom and all, (and I don’t use this lightly because any mom can relate), we managed to leave around 9:30 with Inaam sporting a fresh blow dry, and myself I managed to walk out with a broad smile, with we did not manage to get all dolled up with make-up, there is always time for another day for that, for the time being, we managed to get home to our sleeping babies in a timely manner, pay off the sitters, and plan our next “Mommy night Out” which is hopefully not far away from now….

Ladies, thank you for taking the time to read this, and gentlemen, if you survived this long, good for you, don’t forget to pamper your special lady with lots of love and book her some quality time too. No one says no to being pampered and taken care of.



Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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