g|jordan is coming: Are you ready?

g|jordan is coming: Are you ready?

When I first filled out my Google Day Jo application, I couldn’t think of anything to write on why I’d want to attend the event, I knew I am not a developer, so Day 1 was out of the question, but Day 2 seemed quite interesting but then again, I didn’t get the chance to go last year so I had no clue where to start, so other than the fact that I thought I’d blog about it, I used the biggest cliché in the book: “People don’t say Yahoo it! They say Google It!” guess that one got me through.

With Google Jo Day 2 just 6 days away,  I browsed through the agenda today and tried to figure out where I’d want to be, which sessions I’d like to stop by and what seemed interesting for me and what didn’t. As a matter of fact making the short list of where am heading out wasn’t an easy decision, I am still trying to figure out which opportunities would be best for me, and managed to come up with the following preliminary plan:


My first topic of interest is Google +, the social networking site that was launched on my dads birthday has intrigued me every since I got my account, I had a feeling its not the next Facebook, but had hopes that it would be beat Twitter and make a mocking bird out of it. See the thing is there is a lot of confusion out there, two weeks after it’s launch G+ had its first 10 Million user milestone, two weeks after the platform went public they also added 10 Million users, but the question remains are people sticking around? Reports have said that the online time spent is going down, but am pretty sure Google has lots up it’s sleeve and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Google + for businesses maybe? (Fingers Crossed)


My second topic of interest is “Your Site Translated: Do More With Google Translate”; Surprised? Well so am I! But then again there is a huge lack of Arabic content online. I mean after the revolution in Egypt, 1 million Arabic users have reported to have signed up and actively used  Facebook, but when it comes to web content it depends on You and Me! (Or maybe just you, trust me, you dont want my sleepless fingers contributing Arabic to the web.) But my point being is, content is King, and Arabic is a beautiful language that not everyone understands and it would be nice to actually see real proper Arabic used out there instead of all the giberish that doesn’t make sense when you translate online. I am hoping this session would actually explain how we can improve the platform as Arabs and how it can be utilized to for an online business to the max.


My third topic of interest would be Mobile Ads for Businesses & Publishers mainly because as a full-time employee in the Online Marketing business I am interested in learning about the Mobile insights in the MENA Region. Google Solutions for mobile websites and applications sounds intriguing as well. Although I am bumed out that the Arabic Localization at Google session is taking place at the same time. That’s something I am interested in (you probably figured that one out when I mapped out my second topic of interest). But we’ll see, I have a tendancy of changing my mind last minute.


Last but not least I look forward to being part of the Women’s Roundtable! The last topic promises to share opportunities with students and professional women who are passionate about web technology with the ladies of Google! Now that is what I would like to call empowering women! I always like to see what women are up to, especially ones that make a difference in the tech world today.

So that’s about four topics, of which you’ll probably hear about next week. I am not sure if I’ll be blogging live or not, but you can stay tuned to my tweets @larahadi or my Google Plus – Will be using the Hashtag #gjordan on both platforms.

So anyone else going to Day 2 that I could possible bump into?! 🙂


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