g|Jordan – Opening Session

g|Jordan - Opening Session

Google Day 2.0 Day 2 is an event  I was really forward to this year. Many have told me last year wasn’t swell so I’d be wasting my day and I decided against their advice and applied anyway for Day 2, it doesn’t take much to tell that I got my GJordan invite.

In a previous post I wrote about the sessions I felt like attending and what I had in mind and what I was looking forward to. In reality today 24 October here is where I stopped by, the sessions mentioned below are being refered to as tracks as per the Google Day setup.

Opening Session


Key Note Speaker Ari Kesisoglu – (C) Pic by Ahmad Hamzawi – @ahamzawi

The Opening Comments by Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément were inspirational and different, and the official kick off for Google 2 did make me wonder what was in store for the day.


I was impressed with the stage presence of Managing Director of Google in the MENA Region Ari Kesisoglu … I remember he kicked off his key note by saying: “As a company Technology is like magic and were here to share with you”. Here is a listing of a few magical facts I remember hearing:


  • 85 Million people online in the MENA Region this year. That’s 40% more than last year
  • Google has big goals to solve problems for millions of people. Users help make Google better for other users
  • The Internet access prices in region access prices in the States 10 to 15 times!
  • 1 to 7 % the growth in using credit card in the MENA Region
  • Saudi Arabia is the #1 Mobile Video Consumer in the region
  • Google +1 is also important for sharing on your Google Plus account and not just on Google Search

So how is Google helping? By Sharing what they know, giving a local flavor to their global platforms, localizing their products (creating local products) and running special projects.

Then comes my favorite person in the opening session of the day Ahmad Hamzawi, don’t get me wrong Sebastian and Ari were awesome but there is some different about this guy, a sense of humor that added that extra ingrident of magic in the opening session.

So Hamzawi’s section in the opening session was called ” Google’s Latest Innovations” and the first thing that striked me the most was his saying “Innovation is not Perfection”. He continued talking about how Googles team make a difference and how they are a team, and i remember the following notes that are so true and can apply to the success of any start up or business:

  • Hire the right people for building a proper solid business
  • Google Employees are usually hired based on referals
  • Ideas come from Everywhere
  • When launching a product, get feedback and create the perfect product accordingly
  • Golden Rule: Flatten the Management Structure
  • Share Everything

Ahmad Hamzawi – Latest Google Innovations – (C) Photo by: Heba Al-Lahham – @hlahham

Then came the Ice Cream Sandwich Demo, interesting especially after watching the live broadcast of the Galaxy Nexus (Not sure how many of you did, but I did and have my eye on the Samsung Google phone as soon as it hits town.)
So in a nutshell the Android Icecream Sandwich is all about Voice Actions over Finger Actions! Don’t type into your phone talk to! You may utilize Google Translate Application from the Android Market to Use your voice to Translate on your phone (which I personally find hilarious the grammar on that one is all female/make mix ups but worth the effort) and finally the reason I’ve never bought the Nexus S which makes me die for the Galaxy Nexus the Icecream Sandwich natively supports Arabic Fonts, about time Google 🙂
Worth mentioning also were the panoramic camera pictures and the amazing Google Flights [http://www.google.com/flights/] which I adore and can’t wait to try out.

Last but not least a few interesting facts worth mentioning:

  • 3.3 Million Hours of Angry Birds played everyday
  • 3 Billion views everyday on YouTube
  • Chrome is the #1 Browser in Jordan and Tunisia
  • 550,000 Android Activations Daily – Doubled since last year
  • 2,000,000 Job Applications Google Receives every year – that’s like 6,000 every day almost

So am going to be jumping off around different tracks and I have a lot to say so it would be heart breaking to put all of it into 1 blogpost stay tuned to a taste of Google + coming up next.



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  1. Thanks for these substantial informations ! I have learned a lot throught this conference 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by. I will be posting a few more blogposts, each dedicated to the sessions that I have attended with a few personal thoughts on my expectations and what impressed me and what didn’t, as well as memorable tips and facts from each session. Stay tuned.

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