Good Morning from the CoE

Good Morning from the CoE

(C) Photo by @eliahajelias

Good Morning from Dubai 🙂

Its an amazing buzz here at the Celebration of Entrepenership Venue! I’m currently at the Bloggers Lounge waiting for the event to kick off! The venue is amazing to say the least, amazing if probably the under statement of the year! The spirit here is contagious and everyone seems to be happy and up beat…

Got the chance to meet some fellow bloggers and tweeps here at CoE and here are my recommendations for who you should be following:

Jansait will be tweeting live @coe_2010 , this beautiful young lady is handling the CoE account, Ali Dahmash from Reach 2.0 and Under My Olive Tree will also be tweeting live, where you can be following him @AliDahmash, Ahmad Fahed who you can follow on twitter @afahed or follow his blog on, and finally Osama Romoh who will be tweeting live from the venue, you can follow him @osamaromoh

Stay tuned, its going to be an intresting day blogging from the Celebration of Entrepenership 🙂


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  1. Great work keep it coming

  2. Loved the post. didnt have the chance to read it before 🙂 was really nice meeting you Lara..

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