Good Morning from the MENAICT

Good Morning from the MENAICT


Left to Right: Ruba Abu Judeh, Saif Haddad and Rani Dababneh

Good Morning Amman!

Yes, it is against the principles of any sleepless person to blog at 8:00 a.m in the morning, as most of you know, my blogging always takes place when everyone else out there is sleeping, but today is a bit different, the premium event of the year is taking place at a very remarkable date – 10-10-10, and yes you got it right, I am at the MENAICT Forum with a team of outstanding bloggers and tweeps reporting back live for your pleasure from the Business Park!

So here is a brief reminder of who you need be following on twitter to get the up to the minute buzz on twitter and the latest news from the forum via blogging:

Left to Right: Mohammad Tarakiyee, Zamil Safwan, Yazeed Al Oyoun and Ibrahim Manna

Zamil Safwan @Zsafwan

Ibrahim Manna @manna_87

Ruba Abu Judeh @abujudeh

Mohammad Tarakiyee @Tarakiyee

Rani Dababneh @ranidababneh

Lara Abdulhadi @larahadi


Tarakiyee Blog

We’re all in the control rooms with a bird eye view of the auditorium and we are more than happy to be filling you in with the latest news!

Stay Tuned! And by the way… Good Morning Amman!


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  1. Great work you guys! I’m following and Retweeting 🙂


  2. Twitter: yazeedaloyoun

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