Good Old Days Jo!

Good Old Days Jo!

از از يا توتو؟

If you tweet you know that many Jordanian Tweeps have decided to go down memory lane and remember the best out of Jordan in the past. Introducing the hashtag #GoodOldDaysJO, I am disappointed that most tweets have a very short time line which means many wouldn’t be able to see the tweets. So I figured I would bring them into my Sleepless Blog, here is a list of my favorite “#GoodOldDaysJO” Tweets, do you have any Good Old Days Jo moments you’d like to share?

@fshawash: #GoodOldDaysJO قصر التزلج

I loved that place, I practically lived there in the summer, remember the old songs they used to play, every time I listen to Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise I remember qasar il tasalouj

@AhmedSMH #GoodOldDaysJO انتين التلفزيون اللي بتقضي نص اليوم تعير لغاية ماتيجي القناة السورية

Very true, if you were able to watch both Syrian Channels and both Isreali Channels with the two Jordanian Channels then you are a very lucky person

@FirasKhlaifat #GoodOldDaysJO كان الشرطي لما يوقفك و معك بنت يطلع بالأرض يا بعيونك و يمشيك بدون ولا سؤال…هسا بقعد بحضنك.. “أيوا شو معجون سنانك كمان مرة”

I am speechless, it’s kind of true and funny, but then again “Shu ba3joon snanak Kaman mara” just did it for me. I laughed for hours.

@FirasKhlaifat #GoodOldDaysJO تلف شريط الكاسيت بقلم رصاص و تدكه مرة مرتين لما صوت وردة الجزائرية يقلب عجورج وسوف هههههه”

Another tweet by Khlaifat, I spent hours twirling my tapes so they can start working again. I still remember how we used to take those tapes and ask the store to record new songs all over it again, it was something within the lines of 35 piasters or something like that.

@AliDahmash #GoodOldDaysJO When we used to care for #Gaza #occupiedwestbank #Intifada #Iraq & they mattered

It’s heart breaking what Ali said. I remember ditching school during the Intifada to join the “e3tesam” infront of Parliament. Remember the brutal shooting of child Mohammad Al Durra by Isreali Soldiers? It broke everyone’s heart and created rage in the Kingdom, now people are getting killed all over in the region, and everyone is speechless, not because their shocked but no one seems to care anymore.

@Linawaheeb #GoodOldDaysJO العصفوره اللي عقدتني بحياتي وكانت تحكي لإمي كل صغيره وكبيره.. بس لو أشوفها

LOL Lina I wish I can find out who that little bird was, I think that is going to be a good excuse to use on my kids in the future, but then again, do you think the new generations will fall for it?

@fshawash #GoodOldDaysJO Wednesday is the last school day,Thursday and Friday as a weekend

I remember when the first made the weekend Friday and Saturday I cried my eyes out, my poor mom tried to explain to me that it’s still a two-day weekend, but I was too stubborn to listen. I miss Thursdays and Friday’s.

@GhiyaRushidat #GoodOldDaysJO بنك المعلومات، المناهل، الحصن، الخ

Remember AL-7oson! I Watched it for Hours at a time, and re-runs, and laughed every time the monsters attacked people in the maze hall. Masakeeen!

@ZeinKF Zein #GoodOldDaysJO لما كان أكبر هم عندنا أبو شاكوش

I think if our biggest concern was Abu Shakoosh we wouldn’t be wanting re-form in Jordan. But then again, what happened to Abu Shakoosh!

Do you have any more Good Old Days Jordan to share with me? Could use a good laugh later on in my Sleepless Nights!



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  1. the bird the moms used it was twitter they were ahead of its time they had twitter the real twitter bird !!!! RIP now he is back in a website

    u knw like Santa clause

  2. Thumbs Up 🙂

  3. NICE , but what about Saker PC and Atari 🙂

  4. Ya jama3a do you remember az az ya toto commercial? jabri ice cream? maktabet shoman on thursdayssss… the maximum faya3a available at that time:)

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