Google + Making Twitter the Mocking Bird?

Google + Making Twitter the Mocking Bird?

So a few weeks back the Media has bombarded us with a tug war of what social network will take over the world, Google Plus or Facebook, but the more I “circled” I like to call my activity on plus, the more I realized (on a personal level and thought) that Google Plus will not replace Facebook, but might as well wipe Twitter off, remember the MYSPACE – Facebook story, something within that line. Here are my thoughts why:

Many have argued that the Google + Exclusivity is killing it, because they made it so mysterious and vague that by the time you actually get an invite and start surfing the plus world, you realize it’s not what you expected, it doesn’t meet your expectations and that you could do much better. Everyone wanted a Google Plus, No one had an idea what Google Plus is, and when they got their Plus Invitation they were surprised it wasn’t half what they expected and bashed it on Twitter. But for those who have given it sometime, you have realized that + has bought together a whole new level of communicating and sharing, so it going to kill the twitter bird and turn it into a mocking bird that is the question!


Does brand loyalty have to do with it? You’ve heard the mockery of people don’t say let’s Yahoo it, they say let’s google it. I have to gmail accounts, Ive set up my first one back in 2004 when the whole idea of GMAIL started by invitation only, although I don’t blog on google platforms and prefer wordpress over blogger, I do believe that Google is a win-win situation. Will plus die like Google Wave? Highly doubtful in my opinion, incase you haven’t heard of google wave it’s a a live, shared space on the web where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more. The idea of being LIVE was just like twitter, but then again timing is everything. When E-Commerce and Online shopping first emerged it failed because online security, payment issues, scam and credit card fraud, but as people learned to trust websites that associate with platforms such as PayPal or big multinational companies, that came around and began to explore the opportunity of online shopping. The same goes with Wave, although similar in concept but limited in resources and liability, the timing for Google Wave wasn’t exactly the best but now people are all about being social, and giving them the edge of who to share with, when and how, is like giving them the social platform to go crazy. I don’t think it’s another Google Wave or Google Buzz Story, I hope that + is here to stay, and I think it will.


So in a nutshell, Google won’t defeat Facebook or put it down, but then again Google + will be released + for businesses sometime during the end of the year so you never know where consumer interaction levels will be on the circles platforms, but for the time being, I feel more tweeps are getting comfortable circling, especially those who have a lot to share. Or as said: “Google Plus is a social network to effectively monitor social signals about what’s relevant or not on the web so we can use that graph for search, our #1 property”


For the time being, I just have a question? You like my page on Facebook, you follow me on twitter…But in Google + It’s all about the Circles….. So if you are on G+…Circle Me?! Is that even socially correct?



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  1. Funny how everyone now days is writing about Social Media including myself and you of course. I just loved how you sorted everything out.

    Just today i realized that there is danger on Twitter from Google+. Either twitter takes some drastic majors or it’ll be BYE BYE pretty soon.

    The idea of circles is just like twitter, only on a wider not so limited scale. I’m using G+ like crazy ever since i got on there and I’m planing on doing from now on. I’m opening my facebook rarely!

  2. In my opinion an acquisition is going in this criteria

    Google ~> Google+
    Twitter ~> Apple
    Facebook ~> Microsoft

    -Blogger and some other Google products are going extremely +1’ing
    -Twitter is heavily integrated into iOS5 and Steve Jobs just love it.

    -And I saw it on Bill gates eyes, when he did everything in his hands to take over FB but Mark didn’t fall in the trap and only give him less than 2%. Bill took over Skype so he can tickle FB from different sides, Bing and Skype was the most 3d-party apps FB hosted and announced all over.

    In short MS will circle FB, Apple will circle Twitter and Google will focus on +1’ing all their own stuff 😀

    On the other hand , Google Buzz will stay alive on G+ and Google Wave did not die because Google gave it for free for Apache so I guess it need some time to come up again as plugins. You are so right about timing. Google do live in the future and try their best to feed up the present, they had a lot of failover because of this.

  3. The war of the giants just continues on daily basis, we do need new players added to this game.

    Google wants to display more relevant ads just like Facebook and make more money i think that is the bottom line here.

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