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For someone who doesn’t feel like blogging much lately, another sleepless night led to another exploring session, this time, I decided to waste a few minutes on Google + Pages, and by waste a few minutes, I actually mean, I gave up on their pages because of one missing feature.

So about two days ago on November 7th the official Google Blog announced “Google + Pages for Businesses”, here is a video sharing the announcement of the pages straight from the blogpost:

So the cool thing about Google Pages? I think HangOut! The minute the pages rolled out, I couldn’t think of a better way that businesses can interact with their customers. Why page for live streaming if you have Google Hangout? Just start a Hangout on Google to broadcast your event, product launching or press release and reach millions of users.
The ugly thing that led me to hold my horses on appreciating Google +,  it doesn’t allow multiple admins? Frankly, that’s a disappointment that will stop me from using Google + until further notice, as a business, or an agency handling online social media presence for a company, connecting a Google + page to a private profile is just something I find odd and not sustainable for the future. What if that employee leaves? Do you take over their plus profiles and their private emails to gain access to what your believe your entitled to in the corporate world.
Then again, nothing is impossible, you can always create a new gmail account for your business, create a Google + profile and create a page accordingly, but do you want one person managing your account all the time? Highly unlikely. I love Facebook’s multi-admin panel, it simple, and only requires one small tweak in my personal opinion, multiple admin levels, some that allow you full access, and some that offer you limited access.
Just like Google Places, Google Plus Pages for Businesses only allows one admin per page, which brings me to wonder, how do all of those Googlers think when they create such services? Do they talk to real people? Those who manage pages online whether personally, as a company or as an agency? Or do they think they know whats best for the world and do it accordingly? 

I hope Google can understand that Google + needs a major revamp when it comes to the strucutre of the pages.

Either that… Or Google + is going to end up another disaster just like Google Wave! 🙁 So long, Google Pages is so far a disappointment, and Google Hangout doesn’t make up for the major disappointment I feel for the lack of multiple admins panel.



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