Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s never a new year without the word resolutions coming shortly after, some of us want to quit smoking, hit the gym, lose those pounds that we have been swearing off for years at a time and the list goes on. Personally I am not going to lie, NEVER in my life have I written a New Year’s Resolution that I have stood by, so this year I have decided to do something different, I am going to list down my favorite things/persons in 2011 that I wish to keep around or continue doing in 2012!

First things first, the people who go without saying, Mom, Dad and my great family (Yes I am an only child, but with 32 cousins and counting, my family is hilarious, come in two tones: Loud & Louder! & Most of all crazy, I love them to bits. May 2012 keep us close, away from harms way, and keep everyone’s family safe and sound, after all they are all that matters in our lives!

Cheesy as it may sound my soon-to-be husband Oz Jundi. Back in 2011, I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit into a relationship, then he came a long, and well yada yada yada I am not going to bore you with the how we met, why we got engaged, the bottom line is, we are getting married on the 20th! I hope this 2012 kicks off as an amazing year for our marriage and the rest of our lives together.

Friendship, some say it’s over rated, other’s day friends come and go and some say friends are the soul-mates you have never had. Well for years at a time, I have neglected a few friends, and I am saying kick-ass high-school friends who after years of college and work, I’ve managed to ditch for the fast-track life. Not anymore, we got together for dinner a few weeks ago, and it was worth the smiles, the jokes, the catching up and every minute of my day. I would like to bring back my blast from the past buddies into my daily lives, it’s friendship like that which matters at the end of the day. Not to forget my best friends Reem and Betty that is. I mean one is in the states and the other is somewhere stuck in her new 9-5, but if you haven’t spoken to your friends in a while, now is a good time to grab that phone and say hello, it’s never awkward and if anything it’s never too late!

Last but not least my very own Sleepless Space, my Blog! On August 8th 2011, this space marked it’s first year anniversary on the web! I didn’t think I would make it, but quite frankly, I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t make it happen in 2012, and in the future. Between work and my Master’s Degree, blogging has seemed to be time consuming and there are many sleepless nights, where I say screw it I would rather watch TV, so somewhere between flipping channels, being bored by Turkish Soap Opera’s or watching re-runs of sit-coms on MBC I fall asleep and so does my blog! Would hate to see that one happen in 2012, so I hope to be bringing more content your way then!

Oh well, 2011 flew faster than any other, some moments we’re truly a blessing, others were a lesson well learnt! May 2012 be all about expanding this blog in a fun, creative way, staying close to family and friends and most of all doing things that make me and YOU smile!

Happy New Year!



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