Having a Job in Social Media!

Having a Job in Social Media!

For a while now, I’ve wanted to get back to blogging, but somewhere between preparing for a wedding, doing my final exams, registering for my last semester of classes, actually getting married and having the nerve to take three weeks off work and fly to Sri Lanka for an adventurous honeymoon with my husband, I managed to get a severe WRITERS BLOCK which I hope to be breaking by posting this today.

Sometimes, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, and my co-worker Lana Shennak and I decided that no one really knows what we do in the Social Media world! If anything for days this week we have been laughing at Facebook adaptations of what it’s like to have a job in Dubai, to be a PR agent and so on and so forth, that we decided to do our own adaptation of what having a job in Social Media is like!

Happy Laughing, on a personal note we find it hilarious!





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  1. Look who`s semi-back 🙂

    Alf alf mabrook and a question; being in SM = a job? It`s more than a job 😉

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