I read somewhere that “The only cure for writer’s block is insomnia.” – Merit Antares”. Other than the fact that Insomnia is pretty much my middle-name, the heat wave that has hit Amman those past couple of weeks has made being sleepless my new mission. I don’t even have to attempt to accomplish anything, it just happens.

Day after day. after day, I lay on the couch or in bed switching TV channels, trying to find something that isn’t boring, annoying, mentally disturbing, or something that I haven’t seen before, but of-course past midnight is no prime-time for TV, so I end up flipping between MBC 4, MBC Max, Fox Series and Fox Movies occasionally laughing when I stop at Fox Series’ moments from the Simpson’s.

I bet you can tell by now that I am one of those writers who tend to drift off, over describe and get lost in their thoughts, because I am, but I am also one of those writers who after a paragraph of “being lost” snaps back to reality, which what am about to do.

So yea, the Insomnia, the heat in Amman, I mean seriously, someone buy me a one-way-ticket to hell, I bet it’s cooler over there! The long nights with nothing to do has managed to trigger my memory for writing. I mean really I do it every day at work, for hours sometimes but it has been a while since I last poured my heart out into words and sentences, so to me it’s been a while. The last time I wrote, I managed to share it with a very dear friend of mine, so dear that I consider him as an older brother (BIGMoe), in his reply to what I have written he said:

“touching, full of expressions and emotions.. wallahi i got so much into it that someone was callin at me and i did not even notice that this was my name being called.. don’t ever stop writing … u have the gift, and it is not supposed to be dormant; hence keep the pen in your hands so your thoughts can flood into the papers :)”

The more I read what he said, the more I knew, I should unleash the beast and just start writing again, it’s the one thing that I’ve done for years at the time, that puts my mind to rest and heals my soul. Work, Classes, Life, Complications… their just excuses… If I can find time to switch TV channels, I can find time t write.

So pen in hand, or fingers rushing the keyboard while the screen fills up with words, my first attempt to writing started with this blog, am not sure there’s much to say at this point, but I will be making up for that in the near future.

– Sleepless in Amman


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. KEEEEEEEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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