HM Queen Rania of Jordan Milestones

HM Queen Rania of Jordan Milestones

Queen Rania of Jordan is a true inspiration to me, and am pretty sure is an outstanding inspiration all of you out there, with her support to education, women empowerment and community empowerment; the Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a beautiful mother of four and the loving wife of His Majesty King Abdullah the II of Jordan.

Today August 31st, 2010 Her Majesty Queen Rania celebrates her 40th birthday, and in honor of her birthday, I chose to dedicate my blog tonight to point out the outstanding areas of her work since becoming Queen in 1999.

2000 – The Jordan River Foundation (Founded in 1995) became chaired by HM Queen Rania, which is refered asQueen Rania’s NGO that gives a helping hand to the disadvantaged in Jordan

2001 – Her Majesty Queen Rania appeared on the Oprah Winfery Show on CBS Television and took great pains to explain to the studio and television audience some of the misconceptions most people have of Islam and the Muslim faith. When asked about the Muslim women of Jordan her Majesty explained that “In Jordan, women lead a very free life. We find the level of education for men and women in Jordan is equal. We have women who participate in the business sector, in government, in the Armed Forces, in the police force, women judges. They’re very much free to choose what kind of life they want to lead. The lives that they lead here are very similar to those that you see in other countries in the world.”

2002 – Queen Rania became a member of the board of Directors of the International Youth Foundation, which is based in Maryland in the USA. She joins a distinguished group of business, government, and civil society leaders from across the globe to support the work of one of the world’s largest public foundations helping young people learn basic life skills and get the education, training, and opportunities they need to succeed.

2003 – Queen Rania accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of the Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA), thus formalizing a relationship of support and advocacy that began in 2000.  By accepting this invitation, Queen Rania reaffirmed her belief in FINCA’s vision that microfinance organizations provide a tangible means of giving large numbers of the world’s poorest a real stake in their societies. Furthermore, Queen Rania was elected to serve as one of the Representative for the Asian Region on the Board of Directors of the Victims Trust Fund of the International Criminal Court.  The Board of Directors of the Victims Trust Fund will be actively involved in implementing the Court’s statutory responsibility to make reparations to victims of crimes falling within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Queen Rania with Prince Hussein, Princess Iman and Princess Salma.

2004 – Her Majesty initiated Al Aman Orphans Trust Fund at the Central Bank of Jordan for orphans over the age of 18, where they could use their savings to get married, continue their education or establish a business by the time they are 18 — but to assure Jordanian orphans that kind of future security will depend on society’s commitment and contributions to see them through.

2005 – Queen Rania is ranked # 80 in the most powerful women of 2005 in Forbes Magazine. She also visited Pakistan to meet with children and families affected by the devastating South Asia earthquake. Bringing a planeload of relief supplies with her, the Queen hoped to help generate the international support still needed to save the lives of thousands of children. Her Majesty also launched the annual teacher award in partnership with the Ministry of Education, known as the Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education, aimed at setting national standards of excellence in teaching, and celebrating, encouraging and honoring those who achieve them.

2006 – Queen Rania also joined the United Nations Foundation Board of Directors. The UN Foundation builds and implements public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and broadens support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach.

2007 – Queen Rania established the Kingdom’s first interactive children’s museum to encourage and nurture lifelong learning for children and their familie and supported the partnership between the World Heritage Alliance Sustainable Tourism (WHA), (a membership-based initiative launched in 2005 by the United Nations Foundation (UNF) and Expedia, Inc.), and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. HM was also named UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children.

2008 – Queen Rania launched youtube channel [] The YouTube channel invites viewers to give their opinions of the Middle East and talk about stereotyped images they may have of Arabs and Muslims. In the Palace statement, Queen Rania was quoted as saying that she wanted the young world over “to see the personal side of my region, to know the places and faces and rituals and culture that shape the part of the world I call home.”

2009 – During an inspiring speech at LeWeb in December of 2009, Queen Rania of Jordan issued an inspiring call to bloggers, entrepreneurs and technologists across the globe with a campaign called 1 Goal [] the official website of her Majesty was also launched in it’s new look and feel, or as he Majesty refers to it “My Name…Your Space”

2010 – Queen Rania launched book “The Sandwich Swap” Her Majesty,Queen Rania’s children’s book is inspired by her own experience. As written by Kelly Dipuchio, it is a warm-hearted and gently humorous fable about two girls who become aware of their subtle cultural differences, only to have their friendship strengthened as a result. Her Majesty travels the world promoting children’s causes as well as cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

What can I say? I believe the milestones I listed above are just the tip of the iceberg of the work of Her Majesty to Jordan and World! Happy Birthday Your Majesty! May it bring peace and prosperity to you and the people of Jordan in the years to come!


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  1. We are blessed and fortunate that we have such a Unique queen. While other queens make appearances only on occasions only. Our queen interacts with people ONLINE! She Tweets! she even uses facebook. Show me a queen who does that and get yourself a million dinars.

  2. What the queen failed to mention in her oprah interview and 2008 online posting comparing Jordan to the U.S.A. claiming that the U.S.A is a worse place to live , is that in Jordan there are no laws against marital rape and wife beating. In addition to this 4 male witnesses are needed for a rape to be classified as rape, if not it is illegal sex and the female is sentenced to prison. Men can also prevent related women from leaving the country. So how exactly is this comparable to the U,S,A? hahaha

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