If Felix was a Jordanian

If Felix was a Jordanian

The beauty of the social web in huge events such as tonight’s Space Jump stunt, is the on going conversation. Somewhere in the world, everyone was talking about it. Where I come from, the heart of the Middle East in a beautiful country called Jordan, we choose to have a sense of humor about it.

Kind of like Chandler in the sitcom FRIENDS where he uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism for his screwed up childhood, some Jordanians result in using sarcasm as a relief of some of our daily life obstacles. Here are a few tweets that put a smile on my face.

Check out a few tweets from the hashtag #لو_فيليكس_اردني generated for the past six hours or so, and let me know which one made you smile the most. My personal favorite was tweeted by more than one person and I am not sure who initiated it. For what its worth it is:

لو فيليكس اردني كان رشحناه لعجائب الدنيا الثمنية عشان ما نخسر البترا

Twisted I know, but it makes me think, that as funny as the above is, it’s probably true too haha.

Needless to say, the hashtag #لو_فيليكس_اردني was a good kick for those of you who wanted a twist of humor introduced into their evening.

Which brings me to ask this question. If Felix had been a Jordanian, what do you think would’ve happened?


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  1. Thanks Lara
    I think we -as Arab- will make jokes about Felix for 10 years while he is trying to breath fourth number.

    But @Ghazwa Majali she was right.

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