Impersonating a Police Officer in Amman?

Impersonating a Police Officer in Amman?

Just in case the first thought that came to your mind was Halloween or a costume party, it’s neither, I read in Al-Dustoor newspaper today that a man was arrested today for impersonating a local Jordanian policy officer, as the man who was posing as a police officer was actually checking the work permits for expatriate workers and forced them to sign checks money.

The act was busted through a complaint that was field to the chief of security, which states that two people of his same nationality (possibly Egyptian but nothing is confirmed yet), busted into his residence accompanied by that individual who was posing as a policy officer asking him for his work permit and has forced him to sign some checks. The man brave as it may sound, has filed in a complaint thinking that he was filing that complaint against an officer, which later on proved to be a civilian impersonating an officer.

A police officer is a public figure that voices the word “Safety” all over the place, we teach our children to not talk to stranger but to trust police officer, not to cross the street unless an officer is helping them cross over, and we depend on police offers to settle disputes on matters as simple as a car accident or as complicated as theft, domestic violence and homicide, so how is it possible to trust such public figures who symbolize safety and peace if there are creeps out there impersonating them?!

For some reason I logged on to the website of the Public Security Directorate (Modeeryet Il-Amn il 3am) and found some really good answers that I want to share with everyone. In coordination with Mizan, a human rights law firm here in Jordan, a brochure was created that states your rights as a Jordanian citizen when communicating with any public safety officers, The primary goal is to empower Jordanians to demand the adherence of law enforcement officials to applicable national and international standards, as detailed in the Jordanian Constitution and other national laws along with international conventions, at the time of arrest, charging and referral to trial.

Translation: Inspection

[1] You’re residence may not be searched without  a warrant.

[2] As a citizen you are entitled to read that warrant and validate the identity of the person searching your premises.

[3] You are allowed to be present during the inspection process, your attorney is allowed to be there and two witness’s of your choice, whether neighbors or family members.

[4] You’re entitled to be present while a record of all findings is composed and to sign your approval that the content is correct.

[5] Females may only be inspected by female officers, never a male officer.

Translation: Making an Arrest

[1] Personal Freedom is in our constitution , you may only be arrested for breaking the law.

[2]  You can only be arrested by an order of higher authorities based on legal action.

[3] You’re allowed to check the identity of the person making the arrest.

[4] You may hear any confessions that you’ve made upon the arrest and may not be held for more than a period of 24 hrs.

[5] You are entitled to all of your human rights and may not be abused physically or emotionally.

[6] If you we’re wrongfully arrested, the person whom has made the illegal arrest is subject to legal prosecutions.


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