Key Note Speaker Vogels Speaking at the MENA ICT

Key Note Speaker Vogels Speaking at the MENA ICT

The moderator’s voice just boomed through the speakers! “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats! We are about to begin.”

Abed Shamlawi the CEO of Intaj the creators of the MENA ICT just started his welcome speech to all attendees. Abed Shamlawi gathers extensive experience in leading ICT sector development and assisting public and private sector entities.

Followed by Moderator Scott Schuster, who gave a shout out to Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President and CTO of the keynote speaker at the MENA ICT!

Werner Vogels took the stage and is speaking about the Cloud Computing and the importance of applying cloud computing to the MENA Region. He started by mentioning the success story of the MENA region, IKBIS, the Youtube of MENA using Amazon Cloud

He believes that you need to spend 70% of your time on making a difference in your company, and to focus on the infrastructure of your services! The past is now about negotiating getting your platforms and programs to run your business, but cloud computing is a clear upcoming trend to where all businesses should be heading.

“The Benefits of cloud computing” says Werner “is that you don’t need to invest your capital into all of those resources, you only pay for the things that you need and use, as those resources are at your finger tips immediately.”


He explains that Cloud Computing has four main reasons to be implemented, this included Performance, Availability, Jurisdiction and Cost Effectiveness.

Performance: is all about date access to end users as they are the most important people to address, the need to be able to have a place where they can have all of their systems available at their finger tips, where they could also “minimize the distance to your most important customers.”

Availability: “The cloud makes it possible to build resilient applications to make sure they can survive different failure scenarios.” Says Vogels.

Cost Effectiveness revolves around: The Security, Liability and Scale of IT Services and how fast we innovate this reality is very important. New Business all launch the cloud, it has become a reality, and the cost effectiveness is a very important key decision in managing factor in managing IT infrastructure.

Mr. Vogels just finished his speech at the MENA ICT and is accepting questions from attendees in the auditorium. When Security was raised as the utmost issue about Cloud Computing, Vogels said “Security is always a concern. Not only on the cloud” –

The second speaker at the MENA ICT Forum is Mr. Stanislas de Bentzmann is about to go on stage!

Stay Tuned for more!


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