KFC Jordan: Pure Filth Served Daily

KFC Jordan: Pure Filth Served Daily

While talking about food and hygiene in the office today, I brought up my last food poising episode here in Amman, it was from KFC! I ordered a Zinger Supreme sandwich at around 6:00 p.m, from KFC for an early dinner, by midnight, I woke up with the weirdest nausea feeling on the face of earth, and then it turned into a vomiting fiesta at the house. By 5:00 a.m in the morning, I couldn’t handle the pain, and my mother rushed me to hospital, and they pumped by stomach for any food residue! The food poisoning was so bad that my stomach lining got infected and I had to stay home for three days and was banned from consuming anything other than water.

While, we were talking about it, my colleague Nadeen at work was telling me about her KFC Experience, apparently every time she eats KFC with her friends, their order is always messed up, and they mashed potatoes is almost semi-frozen, she always calls their call-center, they apologize, yet fail to do anything about it. Anyhow, once they got KFC’s mashed potatoes through the KFC drive through, and while waiting at the ordering booth, the man in charge of giving their orders, grabbed the mashed potatoes out of the container with his bare hands, and because they ordered the gravy on the side, the man in the KFC uniform scooped the gravy away with his bare filthy hands to move the gravy to another container. Her dad cancelled the order and swore never to eat from that place again.

Then I got a phone call from my best friend’s mom Theresa, who was telling me that I need to spread the word and blog about KFC, because her friend Rosemary had the most awful experience there two days ago! I couldn’t call Mrs. Rosemary for details, but I got a very detailed e-mail describing her unfortunate experience at KFC Amman, here is what happened:

“Today, Tuesday 19th Oct, I went to the Drive Inn window of the KFC between 7th and 6th circle in West Amman, this is Um Uthaina. I ordered two kids meals with chicken burger and apple juice. I paid and drove up to the window. No one came to the window, I sat for about 5 min. While I was waiting I noticed that the floor inside was littered with French fries. Then a man in the red uniform walked over too the fryer in the corner and added oil but did not come to ask me what I needed. A young girl in the red KFC uniform but with a turquoise colored scarf on her head (the scarf had tassels hanging in her face) was standing in front of the bin where food is keep warm, she was eating French fries. When she noticed me looking at her she stopped and moved out of my sight, she also did not come to the window to speak to me. Then a man walked into the window area, he was dressed in black pants and a black shirt. He was not wearing gloves but he stood by the food counter and blew his nose several times into a white napkin with the KFC red sign on it. He then sneezed, again standing near the open food counter and I did not see him wash his hands. I then tooted my horn and the first man who was putting the oil in the fryer earlier walked over too the window and said ‘ Shu?” When I asked why my order was taking so long, he said ‘just a minute’ and walked away. Finally I saw him , again not wearing gloves , scoop French fries into a kids meal box and put the sandwiches in them and then start to put the boxes into a large plastic bag. I again tooted my horn and told him I didn’t need the extra plastic bag and I did not require the salt and pepper and ketchup that he was putting in the bag. I had also order a zinger sandwich, which he finally handed to me. But I had to ask for the two apple juices that I had also order. I could not believe what I just saw, the service was bad, and the cleanliness of the restaurant was bad. When I was a teenager I worked in a KFC in America, the standard of service and cleanliness was very high, nothing like what I saw today. I would not recommend this KFC and will not return. Sad to see and ashamed if tourist would see it also!!”

It’s just horrible! How come the Ministry of Health allows such restaurants to operate in Jordan?! What happened to standards? To hygiene? Customer service? What a disappointment!


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  1. I worked in the fast food industry in Jordan, and I can tell you this, a restaurant is only as clean as the manager is. I personally was very keen on hygiene, but I’ve had managers come that made me feel filthy and others that made me feel like I was being too clean.

    We also had some standards, and some rules, and supervisors and managers had to make sure we employees were following them. I felt pretty good about the restaurant I worked at, because I had a good manager and a great supervisor most of the time, but we’ve had a couple of days were bad management led into me feeling disgusted, but it still was not as disgusting as what I’ve read above.

    • Yes Tarakiyee I believe you’re right good management results in good outcome, however KFC is owned by Americana Group in Jordan, you’d expect more out of them!

  2. Wow, This is just horrible, Every time i feel like ordering KFC i suffer from there terrible service, They always mess up the order and there staff aren’t friendly at all, And oh my god the fries. After i ordered last time i swore that i won’t do that again. There are so many better places out there. KFC isn’t the only one serving Chicken so screw it.

    I’m wondering though isn’t there a way to report this to KFC international? Don’t they send people to check on these things?

    • I do want to report them, I have a feeling Americana Group in Jordan won’t do a thing about it! So I’m going to give it my best shot

  3. I had the same poisoning you had, lived a week on celerac 🙁

  4. Mohammad Azzam : October 21, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Actually I had a fight with their customer service team more than 5 times, returned my order 3 times during the past 2 years, and they are NOT familiar with a word called “standards”.. you can’t express how bad they are in just one blog post, you actually have to have a WHOLE blog to share stories about it!!


    • Yes Mohammad, I dont think there are enough blog posts out there to speak about standards in the Middle Easter region to start with, we still havent grasped the concept of customer service and customer satisfaction! Sad but true.

  5. I had the same experience. Actually, every time i eat KFC, whether the order is chicken pieces, zinger or anything else, it gives me the worst nightmares! I spend the night at the bathroom, The crusty crisp they have hurts my stomach!

    Talking about filth, they indeed have no standards, I am sure the ministry of health hires thousands of employees to sit there and do nothing, If it was up to me ill close all these chains until they fix their situation. this doesnt only include KFC (while being the worst) but also Popeyes, Hardees and Burger King.

  6. well they say its an extreme meal !!!

    they didn’t lie 😛

  7. “..and then it turned into a vomiting fiesta at the house.” Thanks for the amazing mental images! 😛

    But, seriously, I don’t trust any fast food service, but when I’m hungry I don’t care.

    I do agree that KFC is one of the places that suck the most.

  8. the other fast food chains are not much better , i had bad experience with most of them . i prefer a Labaneh sandwich with a tomato slice made at home 100 times to the burgers that are full of meat tenderizer and flavor enhancers.

  9. That’s very bad, they have great tasting food which I always crave despite the bad service at ALL branches.

    Well, I never had food poisoning there but a month ago, at their City Mall branch, I ordered lunch and while eating I noticed that they added 1JD to my bill, and when I asked about it the cashier’s face changed colors, he didn’t say a word and turned quickly calling on the restaurant’s manager who came over explaining that this is the “Krushers” that I ordered, letting you know that I never heard of the “Krushers” before, and he took 1JD from the drawer and gave it to me.

    Looked like a scam to me, so I decided not to buy from KFC ever again.. and oh, I still want the remaining 16 piasters (the tax they took for that 1JD). LOSERS!

    • Hahaha Raad, so you have logged into my blog after all 🙂

      I dont think i’ll ever eat from KFC like ever again 🙁 What the hell are “Krushers” anyway? Wish you couldve told me a month ago, I wouldve blogged about it! “Krushers Friend Chicken Scam” haha

      – Lara

  10. i think all that u said about fast food resturants is true..but u better start by the other lowe level restuarants that most of people eat from like shawerma and other sandwiches ..the hygiene is missirible there and if u see what goes inside such restuarant u would never eat in any of them..KFC and other fast food rest. are considered the cleanest here in Jordan but truth that they are all the same shit and non of managers cares about the quality or hygiene except for few uncountable..i am sure if u go to the ministry of health or what ever its u would see things disgusting rather than resturant..so i hope they start cleaning their staff first before cshecking for the food we eat

  11. you know, i kinda expected that from KFC, its not the first time i hear about it, and i hate KFC i swore to never eat from it again because of their filthiness and the way they treat chicken, its a world-wide problem, and theres a huge campaign in the US to stop KFC…

  12. kfc it’s a great dilemma when i buy the family meal, and count them i think that the number of divided chickens are not more than 1.5 while 16 pieces should be about 4 entirely

  13. I dunno, everybody talk about fast food and how shitty it is, but for me i love fast food, and i never had any problem with it! 🙂

  14. i was just ordering from KFC and my friends told me to check Lara’s post about it! 🙂

  15. Well guess what.. KFC is closed in amman 🙂

  16. Majdi Abdel-Hadi : July 24, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    so many people are going to loose there jobs because of this, very sad.

    • I find it much better than people getting food poisoning and getting hospitalized with extreme medical bills over this.

  17. They do havd the worst service ever, i wish they remain closed forever, 2 days ago a friend tolx me that she had 2 incedents with, she found small feathers in one of the fried peices, and at another time, she had the pleasure of finding a whole feathee fried with the skin!!! They dont even clean the chicken well enough before cooking it!

  18. Its terrible to read about the service you experience at kfc, Jordan. I’m a South African and we have very high hygiene standards. We provide excellent customer services, which have our people keep on coming back for more. Its really sad that what the people of Amman experience. This is really not the kind of impression that should be left about kfc. I suggest that if you have any complaints or comments you forward them directly to YUM INTERNATIONAL. I’m sure they will be able to get the kfc stores in Amman back up to where they were supposed to be.

  19. i had a fight with your employees because they r theives
    we ordered party meal 21 pieces and we were surprised as we’re ready to eat to find only 19,and its not the only 1 it happens
    when i came back to ask why this happened,and to make a complain about it, i was surprised that the manager defending his workers..saying mistakes happens, instead of we;re sorry it won’t happen again.
    this happene in amman shmesani today 30/9/2013
    if any body responsible reading this. my number i 079/5709120 to talk about it.

  20. i will take my complain to your management and if i didn;t hear a voice ..will take it internationally…to know what a crap management KFC have in jordan

  21. Services still bad in kfc jordan amman . Nothing her similar to kfc UAE
    Yesterday i had 4 sandwiches Twister .. it was the worst sandwiches in the world ..cold and empty from chicken just 3 small cut … for around 10$ .. i dropped all in garbage .. it is unbelievable how they do this to poor Jordanian ppl. .. they think this is twister sandwich.. it is not .. i did complaint in 2009 that something wrong with the taste of chicken but no one care .. then everyone know what happened later of jordan kfc scandal..

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