Kiva – Loans that change lives in the Arab World

Kiva - Loans that change lives in the Arab World

Imagine that a $25 loan can make a difference? That’s only the equivalent of JD 17, and although it sounds minimal, it has a big impact, and is an investment made to facilitate building or improving a business of an unprivileged person. Impressive huh?

398 million dollars since 2005. Sadly, less than 5% of these funds go to entrepreneurs in the Arab world, and less than 1% of lenders come from the Arab World. Well it’s time for a change, and I hope I can inspire you to make a difference to push that less than 1% to become a bigger percentage of Arabs helping out fellow Arabs, kind of like giving your Zakat money if you may. Here’s how KIVA Works:


The way I see it is, don’t give the man a fish, teach the man how to fish. So by lending the money as a contribution for an investment, you’re not giving charity money, you are giving an opportunity to a person to expand their business, that shall hopefully generate money which they can use to handle everyday living expenses.

Your $25 loan which is repayable to you can be made through KIVA, an organization founded in 2004 by Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley. The idea behind KIVA is to connect borrowers and lenders online. So by signing up to their website and loaning a candidate $25, you eventually get that money back, where you choose to reloan it to another candidate, or simply take it back to yourself.

The beauty of the program is that you get to choose the candidates you’d like to invest in. So for example, you can choose to help one of the candidates below:

Farah Da’ebes from Zababdeh in the West Bank. He needs a total loan of JD700 for a cosmetic and beauty accessories store. Farah who is a student at the Arab American University (AAUJ) in Jenin can pay up the loan in 14 months, and would benefit from it because his father is unable to support his 4 year program tuition fees, and this will ensure an income that will pay off for his bachelors degree and more.




Here is quite a colorful illustration on Kiva’s 5 year Loan Activity. Because of the lenders, borrowers, partners, and team members, the world map has become a more colorful vision of a brighter future.

For more information about KIVA check out the links below:

Facebook Page:


Twitter Handle: @KivaArabYouth


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