Make a difference with a bake-sale

Make a difference with a bake-sale

Following the first success story that happened with Project Jofeh with the Ahliyaah School for girls, we have decided to kick-off a fundraiser with a different style, through a Bake-Sale. Although the idea is amazing and means that many people would get involved in the baking of the goodies and eventually others will enjoy eating them while pitching in the prices of the food for a better cause!

Personally I am both happy and disappointed, it’s a bitter sweet feeling. I am happy because I have witnessed the success of bake sales at NYIT Jordan for the past three years, usually raising funds for the King Hussein Cancer Foundation via Bake Sales, yet am disappointed that for the past month Nadeen Rizik and myself have been trying to raise awareness about project jofeh ( yet have failed to attract many people! Originally we we’re looking for people to donate canned food and blankets, but it seems to me that although a few have taken up the initiative many have just ignored it.

The Student council president Anas Zoubi has come to our office this morning, and was fully disappointed by his latest visit this weekend to Souf Camp (Mokhayam Souf in Jerash) where he witnessed what it’s really like to live under the poverty line in Jordan and be forgotten by anyone by living in such a community. He decided that he wants to make a difference, and hence we have joined forces to raise funds for both Souf Camp and Project Jofeh via a bake sale.

The reason we have chosen a bake sale is because it seems that many people would only “donate” if their getting the value back of their “donations” – which seems to make a lot of sense because all of the NYITJordan fundraisers where via events, this includes “Talent Shows”, “Eid & Christmas Bazaars” and “Bake Sales” and they were very successful! But why is it that we think this way?! Do you really have to “buy something” for you to pitch into a donation as small as one Jordanian dinar?!

I really hope I’m mistaken, but I would really like to see more people give back to our community! If everyone out there thinks “Hey, someone is doing it, so why should I?” then we’re never going to be moving forward, as a matter of fact that’s how donations and reaching out ends up being a huge mishap.

I urge each and every one of you out there to make a difference, whether you’re an NYIT Student or not! A blanket or a bag of rice can make a huge difference in a family’s life. You can also donate your skills, if you enjoy baking drop off your goodies to NYIT University on Sunday the 12th of December, which will be sold to raise cash for Souf Refugee Camp and Project Jofeh!


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  1. I think what we need to work on is reinventing the whole culture of charity and donations.

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