Marriage: Four Months and a Day…

Marriage: Four Months and a Day...

So it’s been four months to date since we danced and celebrated on a cold January day with family and friends, we celebrated our love and announced our commitment for life and the journey has begun…

So in four months not much can happen, but if you’re already married you probably heard the one year rule, I mean seriously everyone I know tell me the first year is the hardest but then again, I tend to believe that maybe it’s not. I am not saying its gremlins dancing over a rainbow, it’s a change, especially for an only child not living with her parents anymore, but change is good, especially with a partner that listens and makes life worthwhile every step of the way.

So husbands aren’t perfect, neither are wives! See the whole thing about marriage being a celebration of your love and equaling to the picture perfect relationship for the rest of your life isn’t quite true, if I burst your bubble and you just went to hit the X Button on this blogpost, don’t just yet, I am not here to rant, I am here to share what I consider the four month celebration of our marriage so far:

Growing Old Together

Whenever I say I can’t wait to grow old with him, I am reminded by Adam Sandlers performance in the WEDDING SINGER and I can’t help but smile and realize that it can’t be anything but good. I have someone to grow old with and that itself is great, no one wants to die lonely right? Especially when you are married to someone who helps cook and clean up the dishes, its pretty awesome actually.

Celebrating the bits and pieces together

So celebrations aren’t only those milestones and special anniversaries’ in a relationship, it is also celebrating your friendships, the new relationships in your family and even your friends. I can’t remember having more fun at a Birthday party, Engagement or even a wedding as much as I do when I am with my husband. Funny as this may sound, I always end up dancing on the dance floor while he plays angry birds at the table, but I get to be goofy and he never judges me, yet puts enough effort with my family and friends as I do his.

In sickness and in health is the best vow we ever made

I can’t actually believe I am admitting this, but I never thought anyone can take of me the way my mommy does, but my husband is going up that ladder closely. When I’m feeling blue he is usually around and fussing to make sure that I am okay. The upside is, it’s always a Valentine’s day in a marriage, the little bits and pieces, leaving post-its around the house, sending sms messages to each other throughout the day or a random phone call to say hello, it all counts.

In short, despite the arguments, (yes we do that!), the fights (yes we do that too!), the madness, the ups and downs, the emotional support, love, and cherishing of a spouse is priceless. I’ve been blessed!


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