Annual revenues from $1.2 billion to $40 billion: Meet John Chambers

Annual revenues from $1.2 billion to $40 billion: Meet John Chambers

With the MENA ICT Forum two weeks away, it’s not a surprise to hear the names of the Key Note Speakers here and there, you read them on twitter, you scan across their names on Facebook and whenever you seem to look in the direction of any MENA-ICT Forum writings or publications there seems to be a cloud of some of the most interesting people in the world, the only question is, what do YOU know about them?!

Tonight, I decided to dig in and write about John Chambers, and the only reason he’s my first choice is, well, easy name, if I were a script writer for a movie, I’d just go like, John Chambers, interesting name, that’s the lead character, or something like that! No disrespect intended, just another sleepless night in Amman!

Born in 1949 in Ohio,  he went through high school and proceeded to earn two Bachelors Degrees in business where one is a bachelor of art and the other a bachelors of science in 1971, only to earn a law degree in 1974 all from the West Virginia University. He then earned his MBA in Finance and management from Indiana University in 1975.

Married to Elaine Chambers and a father of two, Lindsay and John Chambers Jr; he joined Cisco Systems in 1991 as senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Operations and was assigned CEO in 1995, for raising the company annual revenues from 1.2 billion dollars to approximately 40 billion dollars. Yes, believe it or not I gasped when I saw the numbers, so it is then no surprise when you realize that he was actually earned a total compensation of $12,801,773, which included a base salary of $350,096, a cash bonus of $3,500,000 and options granted of $8,944,000 in 2007, and another $12,788,498, which included a base salary of $375,000, a cash bonus of $2,031,000, stocks granted of $10,372,500, and other compensation worth $9,998 in 2009.

Chambers has received many awards for his leadership over the past 15 years for his work for Cisco, which includes Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” the “Best Boss in America” by 20/20, one of BusinessWeek’s “Top 25 Executives Worldwide,” “CEO of the Year” by Chief Executive Magazine, the Business Council’s “Award for Corporate Leadership,” and “Best Investor Relations by a CEO” from Investor Relations Magazine three times.

Chambers who has co-sponsored the Jordan Education Initiative, which Cisco has worked on in partnership with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan and the World Economic Forum! This year in the name of communication and technology John Chambers will be speaking via video at the MENA ICT Forum!

I will be looking forward to hearing the words coming out of this mans mouth! I must say I am beyond impressed with his accomplishment  in life, it just shows that the sky is the limit to what one can do!

I am looking forward to this… are you?!


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  1. Interesting info. I think he is one of the most creative and successful CEOs in the world, and he was certainly the wheel of Cisco Systems. This company is the biggest in the networking industry and market. A person like Mr John Chambers is absolutely a great icon of success. He is the one to learn from

    Just let me surprise you with a list of Cisco Systems acquisitions from 1993 until 2010 ( Isn’t that awesome? What a great man and company.

  2. Thank you for the post… wish you all the success in the forum.

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