My name is Lara … What’s Yours?

My name is Lara ... What's Yours?

When we’re born, our parents usually bicker for 9 months trying to find the “perfect” name, that would live us forever and bring fortune and happiness into our lives, or so I like to believe! Since I started this blog, I haven’t told you anything personal about me, but tonight, I decided to share.

My name is Lara, when I was first born my daddy named me Tala, but eventually one day my mom decided that wasn’t exactly a name to suit me, so she went to the court house and changed my name before I turned two, and this is where the story of Lara begins!

We all know what the meaning of our name is, or most of us know by the time we’re 8 because we’re at that age when we don’t stop asking. For years of my life, I googled my name, only to learn in comes from so many origins.

  • Lara in Latin means protection, from Lares, the God of Roman Households.
  • Lara in Greek means cheerful, and is derived from the Island Larrisa where my favorite greek hero who invaded troy Achilles was born and raised.
  • Lara in Russia means shining and also is derived from Larissa the ancient city of Greece.


Yes, Lara is derived from the ancient city of Larissa as I have mentioned earlier, but there are also places called Lara

  • Lara State, a Venezuelan state.
  • Lara, Victoria, a township near Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
  • Lara, Antalya, is a district of Antalya city in Turkey.

Random as this might sound, Lara is a poem by Lord Byron and  Lara  is language is spoken by about 12,000 people in Indonesia (Global recordings).

Perhaps the most notable people with the name Lara are:

  • Lara Croft, the fictional heroine of the Tomb Raider lineage.
  • Lara Flynn Boyle, the actress.
  • Lara Fabian, the French and English-language singer whose works include Final Fantasy soundtrack theme The Dream Within.
  • Lara Antipova, a character in Doctor Zhivago played by the actress Julie Christie. Lara’s Theme is the name given to an internationally known tune written for this film.

I think its rather interesting for one to “google” or “dig deeper” into learning where their name came from. I was talking to one of my friends today about the whole story of Achilles the Greek God, which was brought up in the Ancient City of Larrissa, and then randomly told him that the name Lara was derived from that ancient city, he found it rather interesting, and not as awkwardly random as I thought it was when it comes to me and my “over-sharing” hehe … so maybe you should too.

My Name is Lara … and I know enough about the meaning and origins of my name, what’s your story?!

– Sleepless in Amman (a.k.a Lara)


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. I’m changing m,y name top Lara !!!
    I am a great fan Laroush way to go …way to go

  2. You should be thankful, at least your name doesn’t mean “soft to touch” !!! what were they thinking? Joking aside I love my name and yours also.

  3. hanan kayyali : August 24, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    very good idea to know every thing about your name, my name is known by it self no need for searching may be, but I enjoy some time to look for my birthday date, who is born in same day, not important the same year.
    realy that’s make me feel how much Iam lucky.

    I pray for you, to get what you are looking from this Blog, and a happy ramadan for you and your family

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